I’m one of them.

The realization

Welp ….it’s happened.

It’s finally happened!

And the crazy part is that I saw it and I didn’t see it coming at the same time.

It’s official! I…. D2dalo25… am an “isheep! ”.

What’s an “isheep” you ask? An “isheep” is a person that buys any and everything #apple puts on the market.

And as much as it hurts to admit I am one of those people. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it as if it’s a bad thing because in my opinion, #apple makes some great products. Oh no I’m just saying it because it’s kind of a weird thing…to me because a few years ago you couldn’t give me an #iPhone. That’s right I would have kindly declined your offer and ask that you just give me the money instead. And I don’t blame #apple for this turn of events in my life. No no no no no… I don’t even blame myself. Do you wanna know who I blame? I blame one of their biggest competitors #Samsung. That’s right, you all heard me say it I blame #Samsung. Why do I blame them you ask? Well I’ll tell you in just a moment. But before I do why we go back to where it all started.

Trying something Different

It all started about six months after purchasing my #Nokia Lumia 1520 that I had did plenty of research on beforehand. And yes I’m am aware that purchasing an #Windows based cell was a mistral but at the time it was the only relevant phone with a 6inch screen and so that’s what drove me to it… let’s not discuss that phone any more shall we? I was on my phone and I was wanting to download and use some of the latest apps but that in it self was a problem. Because #Snapchat wasn’t even available on a windows phone, #Instagram was still in beta mode. So I was really stuck with #Facebook and #Twitter 😟. But my wife who decided to go with and Android OS phone so she was able to download and play with all the latest apps. But… like I said I only wanted a phone with a 6inch screen and that’s what I had.

The Beginning of the end

So 2 years later our phone contracts were up and it was time for us to get some new phones. We were pretty excited because in a 2 year span so many new phones had come out. My wife was dead set on getting the #Samsung Note7 and I knew I was gonna go with something #android based but I wasn’t sure which one. So there we were in the store like two little kids playing with all the new phones, which is a must for me because to me if it doesn’t feel good in my hands then I’m not even gonna wanna use it. So the #Note7 had just released that week and it was on back order because it was so popular and we couldn’t get ours that day. But they would be delivered to our house in a week so it wasn’t bad.

At Last

The day finally comes. I see the Fedex truck outside the window and know what he’s putting in our mailbox. After returning back inside the house we rip into our boxes and are in complete awe. I decided to get the silver finish and she went with the blue finish on her phone. They both looked amazing. But don’t all phones look amazing fresh out the box? And after just putting in my info I was in complete heaven. Every thing from the eye scan to unlock feature to the new and improved stylus was just pure enjoyment to use. It’s sooo fast and the screen look sooo beautiful. Besides the bloatware that comes preloaded on it. It was love at first touch.


Two to three weeks in and we are still in love with our phones. I’m telling all my friends and some of no coworkers about how much I like it and some of them are actually saying that they are going to get one when their upgrade comes around. Then one day I read on the news app that someone is suing #Samsung because it caught fire in their house and the entire house burned down. Then a few days later I see that someone is suing because they charged theirs in their Jeep and it caught fire and basically burned the Jeep up. I couldn’t help but wonder what were they doing to their phones to make them explode. A day or two later I read that there are a lot more people suing #Samsung and that #Samsung is apologizing for releasing faulty phones. And they are telling everyone not to leave them plugged in overnight in their homes. (Side note: that was the first nudge that #Samsung gave me towards #Apple).

My mind won’t let me forget about these headlines that I’ve seen so I was very cautious. Then a few days later #Samsung issued a statement saying that they have discovered that there is an issue with the battery overheating and therefore causing the insides of the phone to catch on fire and they wanted all Note7 owners to return their phone in for a new one with a more optimized battery. As much as we hated to do it we returned the phones and got completely new ones. So about three weeks after that I was still reading headlines about how the Note7 was still having issues. Then…that’s when #Samsung issued a statement saying that all Note7 owners should return their phone. I didn’t read much into that article because I loved my phone. Ours wasn’t over heating and catching on fire. And after discussing it with my wife she was worried that one of them eventually would and it would be a shamed if it messed up the entire house. I agreed. (Side note: that was the second push they gave me in #Apples direction).

Why did I choose this

So we get to ATnT and stand in line because obviously we’re not the only ones who were affected by this. When a sales associate finally gets to us she describes to us that if we 2 other #Samsung phones that they would give us $100 off of our next phone bill, but if we went with a different brand we would only receive $50 off. And after hearing that news I was ready to say screw ATnT and go back to #boostmobile. But I held my emotions at bay. And that’s when I was seriously considering getting the 5.5 inch iPhone 8. Yea it looked like a toy in my hands but it was a relevant phone and i wouldn’t be dealing with #Samsung. But my wife wanted to stay with #android and #Samsung had the best phone for that OS. So we stayed with #Samsung, got the $100 off our next bill, and decided to get the #Samsung galaxy S7 edge.

I’m pretty sad at this point because everything about this phone reminds me of how awesome the Note7 was. Smaller battery, less ram speed, lackluster camera, smaller screen, no retina detection, no stylus and no showing it off to all my friends. After thinking of all that I was missing I was pretty down in the dumps for a while. But I still could get all the latest apps and the time it took to charge up to 100% was pretty quick. But other than that I hated that phone.

I need one of those

A long time before this I bought my wife an #iPad. It got destroyed and seeing how happy she was with it I surprised her with another one. But I bought myself a #kindle. And day after day night after night it my kindles were just getting slower and slower. But my wife’s iPad was as snappy as the day she turned it on. And one Christmas she surprised me with an upgraded kindle. It was fun for about 3 weeks then yet again it just kept getting sluggish. So I decided I needed a better tablet and went and purchased myself a brand spanking new #iPad Pro.

This is pretty awesome

At this point life seemed to get a little better. My ipad almost made me forget that I had a sub par phone. Almost! When ever I was home I would rarely use my phone. I’d just leave it in my room while i carried my iPad around. And the best part was that all the apps that i sued on my phone could be downloaded on my tablet. And I could get all my pictures and documents from the google cloud and use them on my tablet. Yup, life was good. Then there was one time when I was at work sitting down in a chair three feet off the floor when I accidentally knocked my phone to the floor. I had it in a body case but it fell on its face. When i picked it up to see if any damage was done there was a beautiful crack across the screen. I was confused because this was suppose to be made with gorilla glass 3 which was the strongest glass on the market or so I thought. As soon as that happened I told myself that my next phone was gonna be an iPhone! But I still had at least a year until then so I was pretty much playing the waiting game.

I like them again

As a kid and all through high school i loved to draw. And as an adult every now and again I’d get a strong urge to draw something. But i had never drawn digitally before. SO one day after watching the #apple event on you tube they mentioned that they would be releasing the #apple pencil. And my plan was to buy it in about a week or so. Little did I know that my wife had already ordered one for me and planned to surprise me when I got home. So we get home and I open my shiny new #apple pencil and I download an app called #procreate. Man oh man oh man, the pencil was a pure delight to use. It had a bit of heft to it which didn’t bother me at all, and the way it glided across the screen was just awesome. And I really loved the fact that all I had to do was just plug it into the #iPad to sync it up. I don’t know if you guys have ever used a stylus before but most of the time they are a pain in the butt because of that giant squishy rubber tip at the end of them. As an artist you could never be precise with them and that was a huge problem to me. So I pretty much never used one until the #apple pencil. And I have to say I was truly blown away with it. Even with the $100 price tag that was attached to it.

Oh happy Day

The day had finally arrived. It was time to upgrade our cell phones, and I was celebrating like i had hit the winning shot at the end of the game, on the inside. I was leaving the manufacturer and the operating system that was all to familiar to me and jumping on a new ship. I knew the transition wouldn’t be too hard because I used my #iPad on a daily basis and I watched tons of YouTube videos on the iPhone Xs Max. I had very high hopes and expectations. So I knew what I wanted as soon as we entered the store. And I got it. The wife on the other hand still had a little doubt. Until I told her that she was getting an Xs Max also. So her entire tone changed because she was feeling the way I was about the Galaxy S7. We didnt find any cases that we liked in the store so we waited till we got home and found some on #Amazon that protected the entire phone instead of just the sides and back.


The moment we got home we ripped into them. And man oh man it was sooo shiny and slim, it smelled good, it felt a little wired in the hands and it was an absolute fingerprint magnet, but I knew at that moment I was gonna be a happy customer. And set up was a breeze. It asked for my email and WiFi password and that was it. Mainly because it was communications with my #iPad so all of my favorite apps were being downloaded in an instant. I truly loved the way it communicates with any other #apple accessory with the same email address and only that accessory. This one didn’t have a home button like my iPad so navigation was a little finicky at first but within 5 minutes i was having no problems at all. The retina scanner was another one of my favorite things about it. I could unlock it, purchase and download any apps all just by looking at it. And speaking of the retina scanner, one of my favorite things was to play with the new #animoji feature. (Instead of just regular video messages you can send video of a character that you’ve created to look like you or a number of different emoji that can move its eyes and mouth exactly how you do).In fact for the first few weeks that was how me and my wife sent messages to each other. Then there was the sound quality which i loved, there was the battery life which was a huge bonus for me and all the latest and greatest apps that my heart could handle. And when I was at home there was no need to even use it now because i could send and receive text, send and receive phone and face time calls all on my #iPad because they were communicating with each other. I loved everything about the phone. I actually felt like I was back in the loop when it came to cell phone technology and for me it was a great feeling.


So a few weeks go by and next thing you know Christmas is here. We are still loving our phones and all is right with the world. Now we just got these $1200 phones last month so we weren’t expecting an expensive gift from each other. So I give her her gift which was a board game of her favorite TV show and she hands me mines. Then she hands me three more boxes that were about the same size as the first box. So I opened the first box and I was almost blown away. she got me an #apple watch. I was literally speechless because thats the last thing I was expecting to receive.

And once again setup was a breeze. All I had to do was scan my watch face with my phone and after it downloaded all my favorite apps it was done. The other two boxes she gave me were the charging stand, a black metallic band and a carrying case. I was truly a happy camper on Christmas Day. I can send and receive text messages and voice calls all from my wrist. And there are a few other very cool things I can do with my watch but those are the main two things that I want to be able to do. I love my watch

A happy Sheep

And that ladies and gentlemen is how #Samsung pushed me into the arms of #Apple and how #Apple has been treating me so far. It was at that moment that I had realized that i had become an iSheep …and I was proud to be one.

It’s now February 2019 and I’m still loving all of my #apple products. They get updated on a regular basis and they perform how I expect them to. And thats all Ive ever wanted out of all of my electronics. Im with #Apple and I’m happy about it. And to be honest, I just don’t see me changing platforms anytime soon.

Thank you if you’ve made to this part of the story. I hope you have a blessed day and an awesome week. And let me know in the comments below if you’re an iSheep or if you know someone who is but they wont admit it. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

Random facts that happened during this time

1. This post has been on my mind for two years.

2. I didn’t write about the first time we had to exchange the phones and we went to a satellite store where the sales associate didn’t know what she was doing and tried to charge me $600 to replace our Note7 phones and I lost my temper and almost chewed her face off. Luckily my 5yr son was with us and I didn’t want him to see me like that.

3. After getting my iPhone and thinking about the Note7, using a stylus on a phone is just an extra step you have to take when it comes to doing anything on the phone.

4. I still haven’t changed my #Apple watch wrist band. I just love how the white looks and grabs attention from people. I’ll change it one day.

5. I wanted to get the new #iPad pro and give my wife my current #ipad pro because she still has the #iPad air 2 but #iPads last so long that most people don’t upgrade for years at a time. She says she’s still happy with it.

6. When I got my #iPad i gave my son my old #kindle and he used it for a few months until my little sister upgraded her #iPad pro to the 12 inch model and gave him her old 9 inch #iPad pro. So I have two kindles that are completely useless in my electronic junk drawer (lol)

7. The day I got my #iPhone I gave my son my Galaxy s7 and he’s played with it for less than 24 hours (lol)

8. I will be getting me some #Airpods (lol).



 What’s going on everybody? D2 here and this time I wanna talk to you guys about memories. I was at home just watching my son run around doing his thing and just started thinking about all the memories that he’s put in my head and I was just amazed. Then I started thinking about my wife and all the things we’ve experienced together and I was just blown away by how much those two people have placed permanent marks in my mind and heart. And that’s what got me onto this subject. Memories are some of life’s most precious gifts that a person can hold on to. In fact memories are really the only real valuable things that people can take with them throughout their entire life. It’s also amazing to me that some people in their 80’s and 90’s can remember things from when they were children and here I am in my early 30’s I can’t remember what I had for breakfast the other day. And that’s another reason I think its super sad when people go through their lives creating lots of wonderful memories and then they experience permanent amnesia. I know its not the worst thing that could happen but to me its still a pretty sad moment in someone’s life.
 And with that being said I would like to share with you guys some memories that are near and dear to my heart. Now I already have tons of them and I look forward to making tons more but these are some of the ones that always come to mind when I’m day dreaming about my family.

In the Beginning.

      In the beginning there was just me and my sweetie. Now I grew up in a small town in east Alabama and she grew up in south Florida, so I’ll let you guys imagine the differences we had growing up as children. But skipping ahead to when we became a couple, life was pretty grand back then. We were young and free. No kids, no mortgage, and no responsibilities outside of having regular jobs.. so If we wanted to do something we just up and did it. And look at that smile. Before this pic I rarely recall smiling in any of my pictures. Not a natural smile at least, it was always like a forced smile. This isn’t a pic from when we officially became a couple this is a pic from the first time we spent the weekend in Atlanta, Ga celebrating her sisters birthday. The hotel was nice, the food was over priced and the drinks could have been better but we didn’t care as long as we had each other, everything was good. The entire evening was truly magical because we were surrounded by friends and family. This picture was the next morning as we were getting ready to leave and it was during this picture that I realized how much she loved to take pictures. I obviously wasn’t but this one turned out to be one of my favorite pics of us. And just look at the smile on her. Priceless!
Enter player Number 3

    Ah yes as you can tell from the pic above this is one of the crowning moments in my life. In fact I think this should be a crowning moment in anyone’s life. The day my son came into this world. And obviously this isn’t on his birthday, A birthday of which him and I share, but this is six month later during our first family photo session. At that time we were living in a two bedroom shoebox apartment, I was still working as a temporary employee at a job, bills seemed to be coming from everywhere and my wife was always telling me that she wanted family photos. It really didn’t occur to me that we should have family photos but looking back on it I’m glad we do have some. I didn’t think that we had enough money for a professional photographer but she thought otherwise and so… we had some taken. The photographer was a really fun, down to earth lady and she and my wife had became pretty good friends before and after our photos so she’s our first thought whenever we want professional photos. Now there are some good photos of us posing as a family, and all but I think that the best ones are where we weren’t posing. Out of all the pictures we took, the best one we have is the one hanging over our dining room table. It’s a candid shot she took while we were just playing with my son and gave the biggest smile. She also had a DVD of the entire photo shoot made that she gave us for free. And we had a booklet of my son made and it tears me up every time I look at it. To see him back then and to see him now is truly amazing to me. And again that smile on him is priceless!
The Whole Gang.

    Ok as I’m scrolling through some of our family selfies to find one to dissect for this blog I came across this one. Now this was just a random moment when we were chilling at my parents house for “Sunday dinner” and my wife pulled out her camera and started snapping. Then my son comes and jumps in on the action like he normally does whenever he sees us taking a pic. Now I dont remember what was happening at the moment, and I surely don’t remember what we had for dinner but when I look at this picture, it just dawns on me that that moment was perfect for a selfie of us. And I don’t know what you see when you look at this picture, but when I look at this picture I see nothing but happiness in our eyes and smiles. The bottom right pic is the original, then she said “kiss me” and that became the bottom left. Then my son comes in and my wife said “everybody big smile” which became the top pic. And then she said “ok now do a silly face”, and that became the middle left pic. And in my opinion it mad a pretty good family selfie.  And yet again, those smiles are priceless!

Like I was saying before memories are some of life’s most pressings gifts. Some people keep them for an entire lifetime and unfortunately some people don’t. One of the worst things is when people hold on to bad memories. Because bad memories tend to hold you back from reaching certain steps in your life. And every since my son came into this world he’s put so many good memories in my head, it feels like he’s pushed most of the bad memories out. These are just some of the treasured moments in my life. And thanks to these pictures and this blog I’ll always be able to come back to them later on when I need a quick pick me up. And I’m pretty sure I’ll smile every time I do.

Thank you if you’ve read to this point of my blog. I hope I didn’t bore you to death, or ramble on about my life too much. Please feel free to leave me some comments in the sections below! I’d love to know what type of memories you guys cherish! As always, I will see you guys next week!

Lessons from a child



Fresh hair cut selfie

What’s going on everybody, its me again and I have another epifany  I wanna share with you guys. And this time it’s about this little ball of energy in the picture up above. 

A few days ago I was in my office. Now this isn’t really an office it’s my videogame room. And this is my second favorite place in the whole house, besides the kitchen. This room is full of my most expensive electronic toys. My #computer, my #xboxone our wireless routers. Soon I’ve have my #ps4 and mini  #Nintendo. And me and my son were playing with race cars in this room that I designated just for me and my wife. And here are just a few thoughts that rushed through my head.

1.) He’s in my room playing. (My son has his own dedicated room to play with his toys)

 2.) We’ve been at this for at least an hour. (I’ve never played with race cars. I liked action figures)

3.) I wasn’t upset or mad at all. ( I don’t like when my rules get broken in my house)

I’ve changed! And it’s all because of him. He’s made me break at least 80% of  the rules that I made for myself when I was younger and ready to move out of my parents house. And the more I sit back and think about it the more I realize that even though I’m the parent and the provider. I work 12hrs a day, I read him stories at night, I fed him and changed his diapers when he was a baby and he’s running the show.  And four years later I finally realized  he raising  me!

Below are just a few ways he’s helped me become the person the I am today.

He’s taught me patience

     For 30 years I’ve only been patient for certain things. And a disobedient child was on the very bottom of that list. But raising him I’ve had no choice but become patient. When I’m trying to do something for him but he insist on doing it himself is just one of those things that I had to step back and let him do. Like when it’s bed time and he wants to read his favorite book.  Even though I can do it faster and better than he can I just wait and watch patiently while he struggles with it but eventually gets it. And we celebrate with a high five lol.

His favorite nighttime book :Cars in color

He’s taught me the importance of planning

2months old

Since the announcement was made that he was coming into this world I’ve never planned so much in my entire life. I’ve seen tons of people who didn’t plan for their child and to me it just didn’t seem right. And I just didn’t want to go through that with my son. And since our son wasn’t planned (he was a surprise) we were determined to give him a decent future. A sort off outline incase he gets lost. So we planned…. and we planned……. and we planned. Everything from his haircut to what sport we want him to play when he goes to collage has been planned. And we know that most of those plans are gonna change but it just feels right to us.  Especially to me. Planning things and seeing them come together is a great feeling. 😁 

He’s taught me to be consistent 

     Ok this one was tricky. Or mabey it’s just me. When he was a baby I had to learn how to change him. 😷 Over and over and over again.  Then we wanted him to start talking and crawling. So each day I came home we’d spend time talking “baby talk” and crawling around on the floor hoping that he’d copy us. Over and over and over again  And then one day he started pushing himself backwards. It wasn’t crawling but it was progress. Then a few weeks later he was completely crawling.😃 And on his first Christmas he said the words “da da”. That was truly one of my most favorite holidays ever. Because we worked on that one for the longest. So then It was time to teach him to walk. Like any baby he would hold on to something and walk but we wanted him to walk by himself. So we worked on it….over…and over….and over.  Then just a few days before his 1st birthday he started walking. Talk about some proud parents. And just a few short months later he was running and jumping all over the house. Then it came time to use the potty.  Oh my goodness we thought that would never end. The first thing we got him was a kid potty to put in the bathroom but he refused to use it. While I was at work my wife worked with him a lot on this issue. Then she said her father told her to just sit him on the grown up potty. And she did and guess what happened? He went potty.  I could go on and on with this subject but I dont wanna loose your attention while I got it. LOL

He Taught Me To Control My Anger

Heres Another one that was kina hard for me. Now as I said before I dont like when the rules in my house are broken. And with him being a child he really didnt know the “rules”. So naturally hes gonna do things hes not suppose to. Im saying all this now because at the time these thoughts never came to my head. When he did something wrong I’d raise my voice at him. And that usually got him to stop or calm down. But one time he kept doing something and his mom kept telling him to stop so I jumped in. And I really didn’t mean to yell as loud as I did but man I yelled. And the look on his face just tore me to pieces. So after putting him to bed that night my wife and I had a talk about it and she reminded me that he was acting like a child should. And that night after praying about it really hard, I told myself I would learn to control my anger towards him and whenever he’s around me and I’m getting upset at someone or something else. Now I still disipline him to this day, but I dont get angry at him for doing what someone his age does.

He Taught Me To Release My Inner Child

Random selfie (mean mugging)

   Being a parent made me wanna get glasses instead of wear contacts, and so I did. Being a father made me wanna grow a beard because my dad had one, and so I did. But seeing how carefree my son runs around the house in his underwear all the time and playing with his toys makes me wanna be a child again. He has two toy boxes full of toys. He gets to take one and just dump it out in the middle of the floor and play with it all day. He has a “kids” #kindle that he plays his games on, while the living room television is playing his favorite movie and he’s not even paying attention to it. The joy in his eyes he has when everything is going his way is truly a sight to see. He can run from the laundry room to the living room  all day just humming and jumping its really incredible how he’s just full of energy. I love laying in the floor playing race cars with him, I’ve also found myself liking quite a few of his animated movies. #Cars, #Home, and #Zootopia. I’ve even caught myself walking around the house just talking loud for no reason at all. And the best feeling in the world is walking around the house in my boxers and a t-shirt. so yea….im learning to be a child all over again. And its pretty fun. LOL

Random bathroom selfie



Thank you if made it to this paragraph of my blog. I hope you have a blessed day! Plz feel free to leave me a comment and don’t ever hesitate to share this #blog. 

It’s soooo….. shiny

What’s going on everybody? It’s D2dalo again. And this time I wanna share my thoughts with you guys about my new favorite toy of the month and mabey even for the rest of the year. Im talking about my #Samsung # GalaxyNote7



Now this isnt a review about the phone, because if you want a review then just go to #youtube and watch the million reviews on it. No this is more of  me telling you guys what are my favorite things about the phone. Afterall I’ve had it for over 72 hours and I pretty much know it inside and out, and that makes me kind of a professional….right?

The Color 

Now when my wife and I went to the store to pick out our phones I was originally gonna get the black one. After all black is one of my favorite colors, and most of my other electronics are black. My wife was presistent about getting the Coral blue, and when she told me for the 5th or 6th time I thought to myself….(why dont you step outside the lines and try something new also) And that led me to pick out the silver one. And when I pulled it out of the box it was sooo…shiney! With no fingerprints or anything on it, it was the perfect phone for about 5 seconds until I touched it and saw fingerprints on it.

The S pen

Mannnn the S pen just might be my most favorite part about the phone. With the S-Pen I can create GIF’s, Translate any foreign word into english form, scroll up and down the screen, and preview any pics without clicking on them. Also I can write on the screen, which means, I can edit/draw on any pic, write quick notes without turning on the phone, use scroll txt more accurately and look cool while doing it. (That last part was a given) 

You know you’re addicted to your s-pen  when you pull it out to write on an actual sheet of paper😂

The Irises Scanner

The irises scanner is the futureristic part of the phone…in my opinion. First of all your irises are your eyes. Therefore if you set it up the #note7 can scan your eyes to unlock your phone. This is amazing when it comes to security because nobody has your eyes, therefore nobody else can unlock your phone. One of the best security devices ever. Now the phone can still be locked with a password, a drawing pattern, and even a fingerprint scanner, but why would you do any of that when all you got to do is look at it and it unlocks. who I ask you who?? Senerio: Lets say its cold outside and you and your best friend are texting your spouse. They have an iphone6 and you have the note7, and you both have on gloves. Then both of yalls phones recieve a text. So you pull out the note7, look at it and it unlocks. Meanwhile they are beside you trying to unlock their phone with a password but with gloves on the phone isnt responding. so they have to take a glove off, unlock it and then resopond. And by now you’ve sent a txt without loosing any warmth from your body.

The Secure Folder

The secure folder is like a second firewall to protect all your valueable info. Because the secure folder is a folder that can only be opened up by using the irises scanner. So that eans you can put anything in the folder and you will be the only one to see it. Example: lets ay you went out to the club with your friends and you were looking good so naturally you were taking selfies but you didnt want anyone else to see them. All you would have to do is move all the “secret” pics to the secure folder and no one would be able to see them. And then just to add a third firewall of security you can litteraly hide the secure folder so it disappears off the screen. That…….is……awesome!!!!!

The Glass body

Unfortiunately no phone is perfect. The #note7 has a body thats completely made of glass. So that means that its super slippery. Especially if you have sweaty hands. So that means that you will NEED a protective case. And these things arn’t cheap. I went with the #Bodyguardz case because it was clear, that way the color wouldn’t covered up on my phone, and it wasn’t to bulky so I could put it in my pocket with no problem. It was only $40.00 so no big deal there.

My Conclusion

My conclusion is that I give this phone 9 1/2 out of 10 stars and thats only beacuse it seems like #samsung made it outta glass because they know that you would need to buy a case or drop it and crack it. And the phone isn’t cheap. And those arn’t all the special features that the phone can do, those are just some of my favorites. Others would include a brilliant beautiful HD screen, a juicy  3500 mAh battery, dual screen ability, crystal clear speakers, a selfie camera that makes anything look great, and so on and so forth.  But like I said if you absolutely wanna see EVERYTHING that the phone can do just jump on #youtube and see for your self.



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This is too funny


My gaming partner.


What’s going everybody?  If you don’t know it by now, I’ve been playing videogames for a long time, and I’ve played with a vast amount of people. But my most favorite person to game with is my sister! That’s right fellas, its a girl. As you all can tell from the text message above we’ve been gaming together since 5th or 6th grade. We are grown as hek with kids now, but through it all she’s always been there playing with me.

In the beginning.

It all started in elementary school. We took a class field trip to a place what is now #chuckycheese, but back then it was called #showbiz. And back then it was just a medium sized room, with some arcade, and pinball machines. And maybe a coffee machine or two. But I was familiar with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the videogame, but I didn’t know that she was too. So I was chilling there eating my pizza. And when I finished I think I told the teacher that I was gonna go play the arcade machine. And I had been there before so my dad had given me a 2 $5 bills for spending money. Little did he know that the food was already paid for so my money went to this baby right here.

But anyway I digress… So when I went to the arcade machine, and I immediately stand in front of Donatello’s stick. (my favorite character) And I think she came up and asked do I wanna play. And of course I said “y!ea” But we both had dollar bills. And back then boys and girls, we had to walk to a machine and get our own change. When we got back to the machine we loaded up and started playing. She picked Leonardo and I loaded up Donny. We started out doing good. But Somewhere I started sucking and just loosing a lot of lives, and I almost ran through the first $5 within a few minutes. But thankfully she was holding us down with Leonardo. So I switched up to Ralpheal just to get my groove back. ( each turtle had a special crowd clearing special move that you could do by pressing both buttons at the same time) So I was doing pretty good with ralph, she was doing good with leo and we were actually beating the game. Then we came up against two mini bosses at the same time. Beebop and Rocksteady…..lol… mannnn they killed us sooooo many times that I wanted to stop playing but I saw the look of determination on her face and kept at it. lol. It was funny as hek now that I think about it. The way she was jumping up and down was hilarious. So I was obviously on my second $5 bill and it was almost gone too. But we defeated them and moved on. Footsoldier after footsoldier kept coming at us and we were killing them all. There were the regular black footsoldiers who just did normal attacks. Then there the red ones  (i think) who through fire down and tried to run away, so you had to jump over the fire and karate kick them. lol It was awesome. Every now and again a whole pizza would pop up  or just a small slice would and whoever was the lowest on health had to eat it. And even then we had to decide because the game was getting progressivly harder. And then we came to the second to last mini boss Crain! It was even harder with him because he was a brain in a body. (sounds crazy i know) So we had to kill his body first, and then kill him. But the thing is, he killed me which took all my quarters, and when I said that, she said “look in my lil purse and get a dollar and go get some more quarters”. I was shocked actually, but I wanted to play so I did. And on my way back to the machine I could see her jumping up and down and mashing on the buttons. It was too too funny. So thanks to her I would be able to jump back in and help “defeat the footclan”. Then after we killed Crain, the footsoldiers were rediciously hard. So at one point she died and said “ill be right back i gotta go get change…dont loose”. So before I knew it she was back in with me. And we get to the main boss….Shredder. man oh man was he hard. He killed us soooo many times. And whenever I’d die she would say “look in my purse and get a quarter”. And I dont know how many times we died I just know it was alot, but we finally defeated him. We literaly sat there and played that entire game from begining to end….and won!  And it felt great. Talk about two kids jumping up and down and screaming like they were crazy lol. And I cant remember anything after that but the class packing up and headding back to school. Thats one of my favorite memories when it comes to videogames and she was there with me.

Then to now

And thats not hte only time she played with me. Remember, we were just kids. Over the years, when we were in highschool she would visit me or i would visit her and play Soul Caliber on Playstation.  Thats why I had it because I played it at her house and liked it.Even when she got her first job in highschool, which was at Hardees…lol…She got off work one saturday night and on her way home she stopped by and played a game or two with me. And all through highschool we spent countless hours playing MLB Slugfest. I wish that game was still around. Then When she graduated highschool she moved to Florida (and she became roomates with my wife, who also plays games with me). And even though we were in diffrent places we played the Sims Urbz. which sucked but she liked it so I played it. We would call eachother at least once a week and talk about it. Also When she moved to florida to go to school she invited me a few weekends. And even though she had to work she still played a few games of NBA Street with me on PS2. And then we started playing online and one of the first games we played the hell out of was Left 4  Dead on Xbox360. I dont even wanna think about how many hours we poured into Guitar hero either. Then there was that brief while where we played alot of Dead Island on PS3. And then came along a little game called Destiny. For at least 5 months we played that game non-stop. every night for atleast 2 hours straight. And in between all these hours of videogames we’ve played, we’ve gotten married and we both have kids. Well…she has kids, I just have one child. But its just so funny how shes played a significant role in my life. And those arent all the games we’ve played those are just some of the big name titles that I can remember.. but shes been right there with me through it all.

And I just want to tell her thank you for all the wonderful memories!