3 friends

A dog a sheep and a cat

One grey, one white, one white and black

One likes to wear a bell
One likes to wear a bow
And the other looks rather dashing in a top hat

A cat a dog and a sheep
One purrs one barks and one bleats

The dog is thick and husky, the sheep’s  cozy and warm and the little cat is so cute that he couldn’t cause any harm.

A sheep a cat and a dog
A best friend, the whitest wool, and furry paws

The cat plays until he gets tired, the sheep’s the best place to lay your head and the dog protects them both, yes you heard what I said

A dog a cat and a sheep
Yes kids…a dog a cat and a sheep

A strange friendship I know
To see them play is such a treat
Sometimes I often wonder
How did these three ever meet?

              THE END.

Every since I started writing I’ve always wanted to write a children’s nursery rhyme. And the moment my son was born that feeling got even stronger. So here is my crack at it. I’ve read it to my son a time or two and he seemed to enjoy it so that made me post it here. And I’ve loved doodling since I can remember so the art wasn’t to hard for me. Please let me know what you guys think. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you if you’ve read this entire #blog. I hope you all have a blessed day.