Roses on a Battlefield 

The sky was a deep dark grey

Lightning cracked and thunder rolled for ever

The ground was muddy and impossible to walk on

Thanks to the stinging rain.

The air was heavy and thick

The only smells were gunpowder and blood

Concrete bunkers smelled like complete death

And each squad mate smelt worse and worse

I’d pass a shiny artillery shell some days and see a huge change in myself

Being out here so long my body  has gotten weaker and I’ve forgotten the taste of real food

Oh how I longed for a hot plate of my wife’s delicious meatloaf and potatoes

Even that slop at the mess hall would have satisfied my angry stomach right about now

My hands were constantly wrapped around a gun or knife

The feel of cold metal was one thing that actually comforted me

Pulling the trigger became second nature

Realizing that I’d pulled a trigger hundreds of times and was still living made me say a small silent prayer for the soldier that I killed.

Huge artillery guns sounded off every couple of minutes

Even after hearing them for months they still rattled my bones when they fired

Exploding sounds would hit the ground seconds after

And each time it did I wondered if it killed a man or just scared him half to death like it did to me… It was pure hell.

But one morning when the sun was high in the sky

My platoon an I were headed to an advanced position

While jogging I looked down and stopped in my tracks

My mind was in amazement at what my eyes were seeing

My combat boots were completely surrounded by dark red beautiful roses

My eyes filled with tears and my heart dropped to my stomach

It was then that I realized that no matter how much death, destruction, hatred, and just plain old pure ugliness that man can create.

The world is still… and will always… be a beautiful place!

Short story #1

As Marian opened her eyes, she noticed a symbol on the ground. Then slowly as she began to regain contiousness she realized that the ground was actually the ceiling, and that she was hanging upside down. She tried her best to remember how or why she was hanging upside down in an unfamiliar place, but it was hard thinking about anything with all the blood in her body racing towards her head! She really began freaking out when she noticed that she couldn’t feel the lower half of her body. So with all her might she tried to reach the rope tied around her legs and pull herself up , but she just couldn’t. And all of a sudden a door next to her flung open and a bright white light shined in her face. She couldn’t make out who the person standing in the door was because of the light but she had a feeling who it was. The person started walking over towards her and an a very soft and calming tone said, “Ahhh so this is little miss combs?” The lady walked up to Marian and paused for a brief moment. She stared down at her while Marian was hanging like fruit on a tree. “You know…with that face lift and diffrent hair style….i can barely recognize you!”, the lady said with an enormous smirk on her face. Marian’s face was blooming and her eyes were as wide as they could get. She couldn’t believe what or who she was looking at. Then the lady said “But….i do recognize those eyes….you have your father’s eyes”. After staring deeply into Marian’s eyes the strange woman starts giggling like a little school girl. “What the hell are you laughing at you evil which?” Marian asked. “Oh you poor poor dear, your face is as red as a cherry! Let me help you get yoyr blood circulating!” Then the lady called out “Bull….come here for a second plz”. And in walks this super buff lady with arms the size of tree trunks and legs the size of light poles. She was so strong, it looked like her muscles had muscles. “Bull…miss combs here looks like she’s not comfortable, how can u fix that?” Then Bull grabbed both of Marian’s wrist with one hand, and both of her ankles with another hand and lifted her off of the hook she was hanging on and dropped her to the floor like a rag doll! When Marian hit the ground she let out a loud grunt like she was in terrible pain. “Hey hey easy bull!…is that how you’re suppose to treat our special guest?” And in a manly snarky tone bull replied “she ain’t special to me”, “just get her a chair would you?” said the strange lady. Bull said “Whatever..she can sit on the floor”, while storming out of the room in a steroid enduced fit. “I’m sorry sweetie but she’s been going stir crazy being cooped up in these walls for the last year or so. And since we thought you had died or committed suicide she’s had nothing to do but lift weights!” Tbc…
This was just little short story that I was thinking a out and found a little time to write while on my break at work. I hope to finish it at some point.

Case Files 002: All the pieces!

Back when I first discovered that this city would kill me and everything I loved, there was this celebrity that lived here. Now you might not have never heard of him, but around here he was treated like royalty. “Big” Carl Kipper. He was s body builder who owned his own gym, and a college graduate with a minor in medicine. He was gonna be a surgeon until he fell in love with the gym… Hehe… His words… Not mine.

I met Carl when he committed his first crime. It was petty theft from a gas station, but he still spent a night in jail. The next morning when he was released I had a conversation with him and he told me that his life was crumbling down. Said his grades were failing in school, and that his parents cut his funds off a few weeks ago. Which is why he turned to petty thievery. And  exactly a month after our little chit-chat, I saw him in my apartment building with his arms around a beautiful young lady! Just…down right gorgeous! I could tell she was older and more experienced, in every way. I had seen her before plenty of times but never the way I saw them that night. They looked like a pair of drunken, horny highschool kids you know.

Well a year after that I saw them in the news paper. They were freshly married, and she was the owner of a local gym. She got it dirt cheap. Hell…before she bought it I dont think I ever seen anybody go in there. But somehow, she had turned al that around. Seems like everytime I turned around I was hearing about that gym on the radio, on T.V., billborads,….it was everywhere. And I guess they were in love cause he was everywhere she was, just smiling and waving. Then one day I saw him on T.V.  advertising the gym… and man he was jacked. He looked like he could fold a buick up like a napkin. You could tell he was “juicing” but… man oh man.. he was huge. I’d hate to meet him in a dark alley at night, is all im saying.  And the only qestion that kept running through my head was, where the hek was she at. So sitting at my favorite little dinner one day my cheif calls me and tells me that someone found Mrs. Kipper dead in her apartment. So naturally he wanted me on the case, and  as usual I rushed to the crime scene. But nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see. When I got there and asked about the body, a beat cop told me to prepare myself! “Prepare myself!…..for waht?” I said. Then  he points toward the bathroom. So I walk in there, and immediately feel like I needed to throw up. The stench was horrible and I see Mrs. kipper nailed to the wall. That wasn’t the worst part. The worse part is that only her upper body was nailed to the wall. Let me be more specific. It was her head and chest nailed to the wall. Her arms, breast, and legs were missing. Oh yea….her uuh…. her heart was missing also!

It was a one of the worst things I’d ever seen! I mean…just imagine the most beautiful woman you know, now imagine someone taking an axe or…I’d say a dull hand saw, and just…sawing her in half. Along with her arms and legs. Then slicing her breast off, and cutting her chest open and literally digging her heart out. I mean….. What kind if sick person does that???

So naturally the first suspect was her husband Carl. And hes missing also. So now I gotta start from even further down the pole with this case. With the police all over the building, and the building all over the news,  I knew I wouldnt get anything done that day. So my feelings told me to go see if I can find anything at the gym they owned.


Clue number 1

So I pull up to the gym and its freakin crowded. The parking lot had people all over and the inside was worse. Muscle heads and half dressed women everywhere. Well….I didnt mind the women… hehe… I dont think any guy would. The entire gym smelled like a giant foot, but I fought through it and made my way to the clerk at the front desk. Another beautiful chick. Just at that moment I started thinking bout joing the gym. As I was telling her about Mrs. Kipper her face turned pale and wide eyed. Then I asked did she know the whereabouts of Carl and she froze. I stared deeply into her eyes and they kept darting to the her left. And at that time I heard a group of dudes in the back corner chanting. Dont know why I didnt hear it before but they were chanting pretty loud. So i’m looking at the group of …. monster looking dudes, all with their backs towards me and I see a familiar head going up and down and grunting loud as hell. So I slowly walk towards them, and I realize that the head I saw going up was Carl doing squats. He knoticed me and did one more and stood there staring at me.  With what looked like a ton of weights on his shoulders he just stood there, and all of his budies attention turned towards me. “Can I help you?”..he asked. So I said “yea we need to talk”, and he said “sure follow me”. So he walks me upstairs to this office overlooking the gym which was nice and all, but the only problem was that three other monsters followed us. We walk into the office and he sits down behind a desk and says “whats up?”. And before we got started I asked him about the men that followed us and he just said that they were his bodyguards. So I tell him the story of how the police found half of his wife nailed to her bathroom wall and he shows very little to no emotion. It seemed like he knew, but I didnt wanna accuse him or anything like that but I asked him “aren’t you sad?”. And he says…. “sad?… Sure!”. Can you belive it.  Lol… he just says “sure” and the first thing that came to my mind was he probally didnt do it but he does know who did it. Then I tell him the police tried to contact him, and he says that he’s been in the gym since 9pm last night. Says he slept ther because he and Mrs. Kipper have been fighting for the past two weeks and she kicked him out of the house. And as we’re talking one of the goons behind me is making noises, smacking his lips, and getting an attitude like im talking about him instead of Carl. That should have set an alarm off in my head right there. So after an hour or so of me and Carl going back an forth about him not caring that his wife was dead one of his goons says “we’ve been here long enough..its obviously he didnt know, why dont you stop harrassing him and leave!” Hehe…can you belive it?….he asked me to leave! So I say “no” then the guy that was giving me attitude gets up in my face and starts yelling at me. So without thinking I punched him in the face. And now that I think about it that was the wrong thing to do. Hehe…Now listen, I dont like people getting all up in my face, I dont like people telling me what to do, and I deffinitely dont like when people interrupt my conversation. So I punched him. It wasnt as hard as I could but I did it. But it was useless cause when I did,  his head just turned to the side like he didnt even feel it. And before I kew it he drew back and punched me in the stomach. It felt like I had to vomit when I hit the ground. And at that moment I heard Carl yelling at him for hitting me. So Carl helped me to my feet, and when I stood up I handed him my card and said “I’ll be in touch”!

Case Files: 001 Pro Choice??



25 years I’ve been on the force, and when you’ve been on for that long, you get use to seeing what type of people live in this city.  If you were to see a commercial of this place it would probably be lots of happy people smiling, dancing, children playing outside, balloons, confetti, and what not. But when you dig down through all that, you’ll find that, nobody’s truly happy, kids don’t come outside, it rains 24/7, and psychotic maniacs run this place. Don’t believe me?? I got plenty stories kid, just sit back and listen…

Now imma cop, so I’ve seen dead people, people with gun shots to the head, headless bodies, finger less hands, people have died right in front of me, you name it I’ve seen it. But one of the craziest things I’ve seen happened a few years back. It still sends chills up my spine.


Ch. 1

The Monster, The Creator, and The Ride Home

Me and my partner were responding to a noise complaint the little old lady said her neighbors were making  an awful lot of noise so we figured it wasn’t a big deal, probably some young kids playing loud music. So we jumped on it. When we arrived in the scene everything seemed peaceful. Then the neighbor that called came out to meet us in flash. She said that she heard loud screaming and grunts coming from the house we pulled up to and that a pregnant lady lived there. So my partner tells the nosey old bat to go back inside as we stepped up to the front door. And that’s when we heard a female screaming. We pull our guns. I kicked the door open, and rushed in going right and her behind me going left. I pace through the living room yelling out “POLICE”..but there was no response. So then I here heavy grunting coming from the bedroom. I call out to my partner “i got something in the bed room”.  She rushes to my side and gives me the strangest look because she could hear the grunting also. I put my hand on the doorknob, open it up and we witnessed the most horrifying thing we’ve ever seen. There was this man on the bed…eating….literally eating…the pregnant lady. The crazy part is he was eating her stomach… It also looked like…he was eating her fetus…. i didn’t see a knife or anything sharp around so he had to rip her open with his bare hands. He just sits there eating her… a steak…hehe…makes me sick everytime I think about it. There was so much blood and organs everywhere. The entire bed was soaked. Poor girl! It was a complete bloody mess.

Now this….creature..or whatever the hell it was….. is so into his meal that he didnt even notice us. It seemed like the girl gave him a struggle because he had scratches on his face, shirt ripped and he was even missing clumps of hair off his head. But man was he enjoying eating her insides, intestines and all. Still in shock from what I was looking at I draw my gun on him, pull the trigger twice, and he fell over and hit the floor. And that… was the beginning of our problems…

Now me and my partner saw him flop to the floor. And with two rounds from a 44. magnum, tha’d be enough to put any human being down at close range. But just seconds after shooting him, he stood back up like nothing had fazed him. Grunting and looking at us with those deep black eyes, it was as if he was laughing at me for shooting him. So we both pull our guns on him and before we could fire he charges us like a ram and knocks us both into the living room. Laying on the floor looking up at him, I caught his stare once again, only this time he was staring at my partner. I quickly grab for my gun and when I pointed it at him he bolted through the kitchen. I get to my feet run to the kitchen to chase him but it was useless. All I saw was the back door hanging on one hinge and a small visual of a human running like the wind and jumping over fences like he was half animal. And that was the last I seen of him…..that night!

When back up finally arrives they bring the rain with them. There’s a nosey neighbor with a dog that wont stop barking, the entire house started to smell like someone had slaughtered a cow for dinner, and I gotta explain to my cheif why theres a dead pregnant lady, laying on the bed with over 80% of her organs missing, along with the fetus!…. Life……ain’t it grand!?!?


So the cheif walks in with that same old discusted look on his face that he always wears and stares at me like he wants to say “youre fired”..but instead he just asked “what the hell happened here?”. I’ve been having this feeling that he didn’t like me lately because….well….we both had strong feelings for my partner Brenda Stills. And since she was with me damn near 7 days a week, it gave me a lot more time with her, so I sorta won that little battle and he’s always hated me for it. But anyway… I said “I have no idea, we get here and theres this guy..eating a pregenant lady”. His face got even more scrunched up than usual. So I said “go look in the beed room for yourself!” He glanced over at Brenda as shes leaning up against the wall and with a confused look on her face, she nods her head in agreement. So he walks into the room and turns right back around. I look at him and chuckle, “what….you cant handle a little blood?” I said. But it wasn’t funny to him as usual, he just gives me that same old discusted look, glances over at Brenda and says ” you two… meet me outside!” The rain stoppd, but the thunder kept rolling. So we get outside and as he lights up a cigarette and says “alright…now tell me just what in the…hell…happened in there detectives!” And Brenda says ” we already told you, we don’t know” “well you two better find out and…please make it quick”. So with a strange look on her face she ask “why please?” “Because I knew who she was”! “Who was she”, I asked.”She was an old friend…lets just leave it at that…ok?”, “We’ll see what we can do, but in the meantime we need to find out why the dude was eating her!” my partner said. And just as she said that a limo pulls up and shines the headlights in our face.

The driver gets out, walks to the back door and opens it up. Then this kids gets out, well it looked like a kid from where I stood but when he walked up to us I knoticed it was a midget. Says his name was Fred Carter, and that we all looked like we were confused about something. Then he just sniffed the air and says “ahh yes…hes been here”. Then he asked the cheif was the victim pregenant. Cheif looked shocked as hell when he did. Then Brenda says “how the hell did you guess that…and what the hell is up with all the sniffing?” Then “cheif” says “what can you tell us about this animal, or man, or whatever the hell he was?”. And with a grimm look on his face Fred says “I can tell you everything about him”. “Start talking” I said. Then Fred smiles and says “his name is Josh, he leaves a certain smell in the air whenever he …eats…his dinner, and he only eats pregenant women!”. “And just how the hell do you know all this?” Cheif says! So Fred walks back to the car door slowly, and just as the driver opened the door then Fred looks at us and says “thats easy cheif Santiago…I created him”. The cheif shouted “WHAT???…What the hell do you mean you created him????” but by this time Fred was in his car and the driver was walking toward us with his hand inside his coat like he was fixing to pull out a gun. So with cat like reflexes I puled my gun out and pointed it in his face and said “dont even try it!” Then he quickly paused in his tracks,pulls three slips from inside his coat and with a deep, gravily voice, he said “these are invitations… show them when you come to the estate….and dress nice!” So Brenda walks up and grabs the invitations from him, then without blinking, he adjusted his coat, turned around, walked to the car, got in and drove off!


“Why would this psycho be inviting us to his home?”, Brenda asked as we watched the limo pull off into the dark.  I blurted out with “Well I think the most important thing now is to find this freak before he eats another pregnant lady  right cheif?”… Cheif just stood  there with a blank look on his face.For a minute or two it seemed like he was enjoying the stench of blood and rain in the air. “Chief….cheif….what do we do?” I asked. “Well since he’s invited us to his place… I say we go and see what we’re dealing with”, cheif said. “Well do we have to dress all fancy?, because i’m not!”, I stated. And then I noticed Brenda looking at me with a strange look on her face, one that I’ve never seen before. Like something was deeply on her mind. “Just wear a tie”, cheif said. “We’ll meet up at the house in an hour. Thats an order!”

On the entire trip home Brenda was as quiet as a mouse. And for the first time in our relationship, it bothered me. We lived in the same building but on diffrent floors, so when the elevator doors opened for her to get off, I quickly put my arm infront of the door and asked her what was wrong. She just looked at me and said “oh nothing” then she said “actually it is something”, Then as I walked her to her front door she said “I had a suprise for you but after tonight I dont think I wanna give it to you!” “why not”  I said. ” Well becaue I’m scared what you’re gonna say . And I have a gut feeling of how you’re gonna react!”. ” Nah sweetheart, I’m a changed man” I said with a slight smirk on my face. That made her smile and honestly, seeing her smile was pretty comforting. But her smile quickly went away and she said “come in really quick for one second”. So we get in and I plop down in the lazy boy as she walks to the bathroom and closes the door. “You wanted me to come in to watch you pee or something?”, “no idiot I have to pee, just wait there”. A couple of minutes go by and I hear the toilet flush and she walks out with tears in her eyes. “Whats wrong?” I asked. I felt like I knew what she was about to say but she didnt say anything. She just reached in her pocket and pulled out a pregnancy test stick. While I was looking at it she said “I’ve been having this weird feeling for a few days, so this morning I went out and bought this and did it at the station.” I was sitting there with my mouth open but no words were coming out. Then she pulled another one from the other pocket and said “I  bought two just in case, and I  just used this one”. A few words finally crawled up my throat and sat on my tongue, but only one word was abel to come out. And that word was…”wow”. “Wow.. is that all you can say?” At that moment I wanted to pack up all our things an move to a place that was nicer and cleaner than where we lived. Now that I knew that I was gonna be a father, it felt like something awakened inside of me. “No No it’s not a bad wow…it’s a good one”, I explained. “Well thats a relief I thought you were gonna freak out and try to make me leave town”. “Why would I do that?”, “Because theres a fetus eating monster on the loose and…”, before she could finish  her sentence I interrupted with “thats why he looked at you before he burst through the kitchen door”. “Yea I sort of figured that also!” But as she was saying that the look on her face was getting sadder and sadder. And I stood up in front of her and took a step back and looked at her with a slight grin. “Why you looking at me like that?” she asked. I was a full 6 inches taller than she was so when I stood up I could see the top of her head. “Well I’m looking at you because I like you, and theres nothing you can do about it!”. “Well what if I said I dont like you”, she said playfully. “If you said that I’d throw you out that window!”, I replied. Then she said “well I dont like you…I love you”, and my heart dropped to my stomach. “I love you too red” I said. “Oh my god you dont know how good it feels to hear you say that”. “What do you mean” I asked. “Nothing, it’s just that we’ve never said it to eachother but I’ve felt it for a while now but I was to afraid to ask you how you felt”, “oh so you were being a punk huh?, “watch your mouth” she replied with tears in her eyes. So I wrapped her up in my arms and we stood there just hugging. And in that moment we were the only two on the entire planet in my mind.

Then when I came to she said “Ok we’ll celebrate when we get back “, “right I guess I gotta run upstairs to my place and put on a dress shirt”, “why dont you just put on the blue one with the pin stripes. I really like that one” she said while giving me a sexy wink. “Ok” I said while trying to think of something that I coud suggest of hers that she could wear. “Why dont you wear that red dress…” and before I finished she blurted in with “nope! dont get to tell me what to wear”. “Oh so you can give me suggestions but I cant give you any?” I asked “Yes now get out” she said smiling at me.  “Hold on what kind of relationship is that” I asked. She replied with “Our kind of relationship, now get out I have change and everytime you watch me you try to help” I laughed and tried to come up with an exscuse but she just stood there like a statue pointing at the front door. So finally I gave up and started walking to the door. As I opened it I turned around to say something and saw that she was still in that position  so I just said “Ok i’ll see you in 15 minutes” and left.



The Estate The Party and The Celebration