3 friends

A dog a sheep and a cat

One grey, one white, one white and black

One likes to wear a bell
One likes to wear a bow
And the other looks rather dashing in a top hat

A cat a dog and a sheep
One purrs one barks and one bleats

The dog is thick and husky, the sheep’s  cozy and warm and the little cat is so cute that he couldn’t cause any harm.

A sheep a cat and a dog
A best friend, the whitest wool, and furry paws

The cat plays until he gets tired, the sheep’s the best place to lay your head and the dog protects them both, yes you heard what I said

A dog a cat and a sheep
Yes kids…a dog a cat and a sheep

A strange friendship I know
To see them play is such a treat
Sometimes I often wonder
How did these three ever meet?

              THE END.

Every since I started writing I’ve always wanted to write a children’s nursery rhyme. And the moment my son was born that feeling got even stronger. So here is my crack at it. I’ve read it to my son a time or two and he seemed to enjoy it so that made me post it here. And I’ve loved doodling since I can remember so the art wasn’t to hard for me. Please let me know what you guys think. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you if you’ve read this entire #blog. I hope you all have a blessed day.


Roses on a Battlefield 

The sky was a deep dark grey

Lightning cracked and thunder rolled for ever

The ground was muddy and impossible to walk on

Thanks to the stinging rain.

The air was heavy and thick

The only smells were gunpowder and blood

Concrete bunkers smelled like complete death

And each squad mate smelt worse and worse

I’d pass a shiny artillery shell some days and see a huge change in myself

Being out here so long my body  has gotten weaker and I’ve forgotten the taste of real food

Oh how I longed for a hot plate of my wife’s delicious meatloaf and potatoes

Even that slop at the mess hall would have satisfied my angry stomach right about now

My hands were constantly wrapped around a gun or knife

The feel of cold metal was one thing that actually comforted me

Pulling the trigger became second nature

Realizing that I’d pulled a trigger hundreds of times and was still living made me say a small silent prayer for the soldier that I killed.

Huge artillery guns sounded off every couple of minutes

Even after hearing them for months they still rattled my bones when they fired

Exploding sounds would hit the ground seconds after

And each time it did I wondered if it killed a man or just scared him half to death like it did to me… It was pure hell.

But one morning when the sun was high in the sky

My platoon an I were headed to an advanced position

While jogging I looked down and stopped in my tracks

My mind was in amazement at what my eyes were seeing

My combat boots were completely surrounded by dark red beautiful roses

My eyes filled with tears and my heart dropped to my stomach

It was then that I realized that no matter how much death, destruction, hatred, and just plain old pure ugliness that man can create.

The world is still… and will always… be a beautiful place!

Short story #1

As Marian opened her eyes, she noticed a symbol on the ground. Then slowly as she began to regain contiousness she realized that the ground was actually the ceiling, and that she was hanging upside down. She tried her best to remember how or why she was hanging upside down in an unfamiliar place, but it was hard thinking about anything with all the blood in her body racing towards her head! She really began freaking out when she noticed that she couldn’t feel the lower half of her body. So with all her might she tried to reach the rope tied around her legs and pull herself up , but she just couldn’t. And all of a sudden a door next to her flung open and a bright white light shined in her face. She couldn’t make out who the person standing in the door was because of the light but she had a feeling who it was. The person started walking over towards her and an a very soft and calming tone said, “Ahhh so this is little miss combs?” The lady walked up to Marian and paused for a brief moment. She stared down at her while Marian was hanging like fruit on a tree. “You know…with that face lift and diffrent hair style….i can barely recognize you!”, the lady said with an enormous smirk on her face. Marian’s face was blooming and her eyes were as wide as they could get. She couldn’t believe what or who she was looking at. Then the lady said “But….i do recognize those eyes….you have your father’s eyes”. After staring deeply into Marian’s eyes the strange woman starts giggling like a little school girl. “What the hell are you laughing at you evil which?” Marian asked. “Oh you poor poor dear, your face is as red as a cherry! Let me help you get yoyr blood circulating!” Then the lady called out “Bull….come here for a second plz”. And in walks this super buff lady with arms the size of tree trunks and legs the size of light poles. She was so strong, it looked like her muscles had muscles. “Bull…miss combs here looks like she’s not comfortable, how can u fix that?” Then Bull grabbed both of Marian’s wrist with one hand, and both of her ankles with another hand and lifted her off of the hook she was hanging on and dropped her to the floor like a rag doll! When Marian hit the ground she let out a loud grunt like she was in terrible pain. “Hey hey easy bull!…is that how you’re suppose to treat our special guest?” And in a manly snarky tone bull replied “she ain’t special to me”, “just get her a chair would you?” said the strange lady. Bull said “Whatever..she can sit on the floor”, while storming out of the room in a steroid enduced fit. “I’m sorry sweetie but she’s been going stir crazy being cooped up in these walls for the last year or so. And since we thought you had died or committed suicide she’s had nothing to do but lift weights!” Tbc…
This was just little short story that I was thinking a out and found a little time to write while on my break at work. I hope to finish it at some point.

I Dont Wanna

I don’t want him to start school

I don’t think my heart is ready

I don’t want him to turn 5

Just give me one more year I’m begging

I dont want him to meet other kids

I dont want him to meet a new teacher

I dont think y’all are listening to me

Just point me towards the nearest preacher

I dont want him to make new friends

I dont want him to eat lunch from home

I dont want him to discover a whole new world

Soon he’ll be asking me to buy him a phone

I dont want him to meet a cute girl

I dont want him to start going on dates

I dont want him to go to his senior prom

Then he might wanna travel across states

I dont want him to fall in love

I dont want him to leave his room

I dont want to be his best man

Seriously….Can I put him back in the womb?

I dont want him to start school

I don’t think my heart is ready

I dont want him to turn 5

Just give me one more year I’m begging!

                                             -Daniel Taylor

6 month photo shoot

My son starts school in a few months and I’m clearly not ready for it. I dont think I’ll ever be ready for it. So many thoughts run through my mind all day and night. A lot of them are happy thoughts, but to be totally honest, some of them are scary, for me not him. And sometimes the thought of him going through troubled times in his life keeps me up at night…seriously! It’s just something that I really really really dont want him to experience.

Thank you if you’ve read this weeks blog. Please feel free to leave me some comments below and let me know if any of you have ever felt like me or are going through this situation with me. And please let me know what I can do to settle my nerves lol. See you guys next week!



 What’s going on everybody? D2 here and this time I wanna talk to you guys about memories. I was at home just watching my son run around doing his thing and just started thinking about all the memories that he’s put in my head and I was just amazed. Then I started thinking about my wife and all the things we’ve experienced together and I was just blown away by how much those two people have placed permanent marks in my mind and heart. And that’s what got me onto this subject. Memories are some of life’s most precious gifts that a person can hold on to. In fact memories are really the only real valuable things that people can take with them throughout their entire life. It’s also amazing to me that some people in their 80’s and 90’s can remember things from when they were children and here I am in my early 30’s I can’t remember what I had for breakfast the other day. And that’s another reason I think its super sad when people go through their lives creating lots of wonderful memories and then they experience permanent amnesia. I know its not the worst thing that could happen but to me its still a pretty sad moment in someone’s life.
 And with that being said I would like to share with you guys some memories that are near and dear to my heart. Now I already have tons of them and I look forward to making tons more but these are some of the ones that always come to mind when I’m day dreaming about my family.

In the Beginning.

      In the beginning there was just me and my sweetie. Now I grew up in a small town in east Alabama and she grew up in south Florida, so I’ll let you guys imagine the differences we had growing up as children. But skipping ahead to when we became a couple, life was pretty grand back then. We were young and free. No kids, no mortgage, and no responsibilities outside of having regular jobs.. so If we wanted to do something we just up and did it. And look at that smile. Before this pic I rarely recall smiling in any of my pictures. Not a natural smile at least, it was always like a forced smile. This isn’t a pic from when we officially became a couple this is a pic from the first time we spent the weekend in Atlanta, Ga celebrating her sisters birthday. The hotel was nice, the food was over priced and the drinks could have been better but we didn’t care as long as we had each other, everything was good. The entire evening was truly magical because we were surrounded by friends and family. This picture was the next morning as we were getting ready to leave and it was during this picture that I realized how much she loved to take pictures. I obviously wasn’t but this one turned out to be one of my favorite pics of us. And just look at the smile on her. Priceless!
Enter player Number 3

    Ah yes as you can tell from the pic above this is one of the crowning moments in my life. In fact I think this should be a crowning moment in anyone’s life. The day my son came into this world. And obviously this isn’t on his birthday, A birthday of which him and I share, but this is six month later during our first family photo session. At that time we were living in a two bedroom shoebox apartment, I was still working as a temporary employee at a job, bills seemed to be coming from everywhere and my wife was always telling me that she wanted family photos. It really didn’t occur to me that we should have family photos but looking back on it I’m glad we do have some. I didn’t think that we had enough money for a professional photographer but she thought otherwise and so… we had some taken. The photographer was a really fun, down to earth lady and she and my wife had became pretty good friends before and after our photos so she’s our first thought whenever we want professional photos. Now there are some good photos of us posing as a family, and all but I think that the best ones are where we weren’t posing. Out of all the pictures we took, the best one we have is the one hanging over our dining room table. It’s a candid shot she took while we were just playing with my son and gave the biggest smile. She also had a DVD of the entire photo shoot made that she gave us for free. And we had a booklet of my son made and it tears me up every time I look at it. To see him back then and to see him now is truly amazing to me. And again that smile on him is priceless!
The Whole Gang.

    Ok as I’m scrolling through some of our family selfies to find one to dissect for this blog I came across this one. Now this was just a random moment when we were chilling at my parents house for “Sunday dinner” and my wife pulled out her camera and started snapping. Then my son comes and jumps in on the action like he normally does whenever he sees us taking a pic. Now I dont remember what was happening at the moment, and I surely don’t remember what we had for dinner but when I look at this picture, it just dawns on me that that moment was perfect for a selfie of us. And I don’t know what you see when you look at this picture, but when I look at this picture I see nothing but happiness in our eyes and smiles. The bottom right pic is the original, then she said “kiss me” and that became the bottom left. Then my son comes in and my wife said “everybody big smile” which became the top pic. And then she said “ok now do a silly face”, and that became the middle left pic. And in my opinion it mad a pretty good family selfie.  And yet again, those smiles are priceless!

Like I was saying before memories are some of life’s most pressings gifts. Some people keep them for an entire lifetime and unfortunately some people don’t. One of the worst things is when people hold on to bad memories. Because bad memories tend to hold you back from reaching certain steps in your life. And every since my son came into this world he’s put so many good memories in my head, it feels like he’s pushed most of the bad memories out. These are just some of the treasured moments in my life. And thanks to these pictures and this blog I’ll always be able to come back to them later on when I need a quick pick me up. And I’m pretty sure I’ll smile every time I do.

Thank you if you’ve read to this point of my blog. I hope I didn’t bore you to death, or ramble on about my life too much. Please feel free to leave me some comments in the sections below! I’d love to know what type of memories you guys cherish! As always, I will see you guys next week!

Sex After Marriage

Sex After Marriage

    What’s going on everybody? D2 here and I know i’ve been missing for a while on my blogs and there is no excuse for that other than I only write when I’m not looking for something to write about. And with that being said, this idea came to mind the other day when I arrived at work one morning. See what I mean, my inspiration hits me at the weirdest times. But I digress. Soooo… lets get into it shall we.

    Has anybody besides me ever wondered why a lot of people always say “sex stops after the honeymoon”? Now I’ve heard mostly men say this and they were deep into their marriages. I’m talking 10 to 15 years deep! Another crazy thing is that these dudes be having three and four kids, yet still manage to spit these words out of their mouth. Now I’ve never technically heard a woman say it to me, mabey because i’m a dude, but i think that there are women out there who feel the same way also. Now most commonly men stop doinga lot of things when they finally “get” the woman and honestly some women stop doing certain things they started doing also. So realistically both parties are at fault.
    Now I don’t have any type of degree when it comes to relationships, I’m in my early 30’s, and I’m coming up on my fifth year of marriage, but please believe me when I say that ” sex does NOT stop after the honeymoon”. And in my humble opinion, I think sex should get better and more expressive after the honeymoon rather than before. In fact I bet there are some couples out there well into their 20th or 30th year of marriage still getting their “groove on”, and having fun doing it.
    Below are some reasons that I think that sex should not stop, why people (mostly men) say that it does, and a few ways to keep the flame of desire burning after years of marriage.


    Now here’s one that everybody and their mamma has heard before. And I must say that this one is very critical and true in a relationship. And I don’t mean necessarily always go out on these expensive and lavish dates. I mean Always try to see your spouse the way you did when you guys first started dating. I think at some point every married couple would like to go back and visit the beginning of their relationship. Because somehow a lot of the little things were easier back then. Like communication was even easier back then. I don’t know of one couple from my generation that didn’t stay up talking on the phone all night, knowing that they had important things to do the next day. And the way we use to hold hands everywhere we went. I wont go deep into the science of what holding hands does to a human being but there is some really powerful feelings beind doing it. And I don’t need to explain the strong emotions behind kissing and hugging. Do I? I didn’t think so. And after all that communicating, holding hands, kissing and hugging has taken place. Then comes all the intimate touching. And this is my personal favorite act of dating my spouse. So to sum up this little nugget of info, “Always dating your spouse” doesn’t mean expensive dates and pricey gifts. A picnic in the park, wine and cheese under the night stars, or even just an unexpected cooked meal and great conversation can end up being a “great date”, Trust me!


    One big problem that a lot of couples forget to think about, mainly because their spouse doesn’t or hasn’t talked about or complained about, is their performance in bed. After marriage, sex is suppose to be elevated to another level, and I think that the reason people don’t bring up their couples performance is because they don’t wanna embarace them, or they’re just avoiding an awkward conversation. And to be honest if you can’t talk to your spouse about their performance, then who can you talk to about it. And if you or your spouse feel that the other could be doing more in bed that’s a big problem. Because that can lead to one of y’all not liking it and then the sex stops. And that’s never a good thing. And long periods without sex causes sexual frustration and can lead to problems outside the bedroom. The worst case senario being having a affair with someone and eventually getting a divorce. And the best (least problematic) case would be having petty arguments all the time or something of that nature. Sexual frustration is one of the worst feelings to have in a relationship. Especially when you’ve got your spouse right there beside you. And I don’t wanna bring up all the health benefits of having sex , believe me there are a lot of them, but I will state two important facts that you probably don’t hear about often. Are you ready? For women it’s that sex can improve bladder control. And for men it may make prostate cancer less likely. So you see, you two are helping each other live a healthier life and having fun doing it. So do you and your spouse a favor and make love making a consistent act in your relationship. Your spouse will thank you for it.


    Now this ones is important because after five to seven years of having sex with the same person can get a bit..ordinary, it might help if you switched things up a bit. And no i’m not talking about using paddles, whips and chains, put those away for really desperate times. I’m simply talking about role playing. I cant tell you how many stories I’ve read where the woman dressed up in something she would never wear outside of the bedroom, like a female super hero, and it drove the man completely nuts about her. Or the man started acting different during sex and the woman would be smiling from ear to ear all day. I mean peoples sex life went from non existent to at least once everyday simply because one of them dressed differently for bed!  Role playing can bring out a side of your partner that you never saw. And most people keep this thoughts bottled up inside because they don’t want their partner thinking that they’re crazy or weird. But so what, they married you and you married them what y’all do or discuss in your bedroom is nobody else’s business. It still amazes me that not every couple knows each others secret intimate fantasy. When I read that I literally sat back in my seat and said a little prayer for them. I mean… why wouldn’t you tell your spouse your secret fantasy. So what if they find it strange they should at least be willing to give it a try, even if only to please you. And don’t you be so quick to judge them about their fantasy either. You better be thinking about how you can make it happen or they will seek out someone who will. When I told my wife one of my fantasies she was into it with no hesitation. She didn’t laugh or make me feel weird at all. And that just opened the flood gates for me. And when she told me hers I didn’t think she was weird I immediately started thinking how I could make it happen as soon as possible. And that’s the way I feel that all couples should think. Because if one of you don’t then again, that could lead to some dangerous problems in your marriage. So don’t be afraid to explore new fantasies and boundaries with your partner. They will be glad you did!


Thank you if you’ve read this far. Please feel free to leave me your comments and thoughts in the section below and let me know what you think about this article and anything it discussed. I will see you next time.


The “Switch”


The Nintendo Switch

What’s going on yall. It’s me D2 again and I just saw the release video from #nintendo for the #NintendoSwitch and these are just a few of my thoughts on what I’ve seen and heard so far.


  My first thought while watching the video was…”wow, this looks pretty cool”. Then after I saw some of the things that were special about it I was like…”wow, this could be pretty awesome”. The way that you can play it at home on your big TV.

At home

And then if you have to leave immediately you can just “switch” the  side controllers to the tablet styled screen that it comes with and continue playing is great.

Co-op on the #switch

 Now let’s say that you grabbed your #switch and met a friend for coffee and yell were in the mood to play some videogames. You two could play a co-op game on the same screen. Just take off the two side controllers each of you grab one and boom..there you have it.

   Now say you met up with a group of friends that each had their own #Nintendoswitch. You all could link up (wirelessly) and go online and play a multiplayer against other players around the world in a game like #splatoon. Like I said earlier…this is pretty cool!

Multiplayer on the #switch

Problems    The only two drawbacks that I’ve noticed so far were the size of the “side controllers” and the fact that the system uses cartridges like the #Nintendo3ds. 

   1. When the controllers are connected to the portable screen or to the home controller would be fine with me because I have large hands. But me trying to play with a single side controllers which looked like the classic #nintendo controller size may be a little awkward. And I suspect some other people will have the same problem.

Joy-con controllers

   2. They’re using the little cartridges like the ones from #3ds This is sorta weird to me because trying to keep up with those little things can be a hassle. I have a #3ds and I have 2 cartridge games and the rest are downloaded to the system because ingot tired of having to look for them when I wanted to play something else. Having to switch out games is becoming a thing of the past. (LOL sad but true)

Game Cartridges

  And another thing that ran across my mind is how is the memory gonna be. Are we gonna have to buy a overpriced #sd card or is it internal.🤔🤔🤔


   Just like in the past #nintendo has let me down when it came to games. Yes I love #Mario but I dont wanna play every sport as #mario ie… golf, tennis, soccer, and so on. Yes I like # Zelda but that won’t hold me over for months at a time. 

  Now #nintendo really needs to “put their foot down” and bring on the 3rd party games. I can only imagine how much money they missed out on because us hardcore gamers didn’t like their games. Now it’s true that #nintendo is a “family orientated” console but if they wanna survive in this gaming market they’ve gotta get some hardcore gamers on their side. And to do that they gotta get some darker and grittier games on their system and let the parents decide if they want their children to play those types of games or not. (Sad but true). I saw a list of the 3rd party companies that are suppose to be coming out with games and that’s when I really got excited.

Supporting 3rd party companies.


     Overall I’m actually excited about the #nintendoSwitch. I’m excited about being abel to play my games while on the go instead of having to use a tablet or my cell phone. And im also excited about meeting up with friends and we are all playing online in the living room.  Thats something we havnt done in a long time.It looks promising and that’s something I haven’t said about #nintendo since the #N64 was coming out🙄

Thank you if you’ve made it to this paragraph. I hope you have a blessed day. Please don’t forget to leave your comments below and as always feel free to share this blog on social media.