Short story #1

As Marian opened her eyes, she noticed a symbol on the ground. Then slowly as she began to regain contiousness she realized that the ground was actually the ceiling, and that she was hanging upside down. She tried her best to remember how or why she was hanging upside down in an unfamiliar place, but it was hard thinking about anything with all the blood in her body racing towards her head! She really began freaking out when she noticed that she couldn’t feel the lower half of her body. So with all her might she tried to reach the rope tied around her legs and pull herself up , but she just couldn’t. And all of a sudden a door next to her flung open and a bright white light shined in her face. She couldn’t make out who the person standing in the door was because of the light but she had a feeling who it was. The person started walking over towards her and an a very soft and calming tone said, “Ahhh so this is little miss combs?” The lady walked up to Marian and paused for a brief moment. She stared down at her while Marian was hanging like fruit on a tree. “You know…with that face lift and diffrent hair style….i can barely recognize you!”, the lady said with an enormous smirk on her face. Marian’s face was blooming and her eyes were as wide as they could get. She couldn’t believe what or who she was looking at. Then the lady said “But….i do recognize those eyes….you have your father’s eyes”. After staring deeply into Marian’s eyes the strange woman starts giggling like a little school girl. “What the hell are you laughing at you evil which?” Marian asked. “Oh you poor poor dear, your face is as red as a cherry! Let me help you get yoyr blood circulating!” Then the lady called out “Bull….come here for a second plz”. And in walks this super buff lady with arms the size of tree trunks and legs the size of light poles. She was so strong, it looked like her muscles had muscles. “Bull…miss combs here looks like she’s not comfortable, how can u fix that?” Then Bull grabbed both of Marian’s wrist with one hand, and both of her ankles with another hand and lifted her off of the hook she was hanging on and dropped her to the floor like a rag doll! When Marian hit the ground she let out a loud grunt like she was in terrible pain. “Hey hey easy bull!…is that how you’re suppose to treat our special guest?” And in a manly snarky tone bull replied “she ain’t special to me”, “just get her a chair would you?” said the strange lady. Bull said “Whatever..she can sit on the floor”, while storming out of the room in a steroid enduced fit. “I’m sorry sweetie but she’s been going stir crazy being cooped up in these walls for the last year or so. And since we thought you had died or committed suicide she’s had nothing to do but lift weights!” Tbc…
This was just little short story that I was thinking a out and found a little time to write while on my break at work. I hope to finish it at some point.

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