The “Switch”


The Nintendo Switch

What’s going on yall. It’s me D2 again and I just saw the release video from #nintendo for the #NintendoSwitch and these are just a few of my thoughts on what I’ve seen and heard so far.


  My first thought while watching the video was…”wow, this looks pretty cool”. Then after I saw some of the things that were special about it I was like…”wow, this could be pretty awesome”. The way that you can play it at home on your big TV.

At home

And then if you have to leave immediately you can just “switch” the  side controllers to the tablet styled screen that it comes with and continue playing is great.

Co-op on the #switch

 Now let’s say that you grabbed your #switch and met a friend for coffee and yell were in the mood to play some videogames. You two could play a co-op game on the same screen. Just take off the two side controllers each of you grab one and boom..there you have it.

   Now say you met up with a group of friends that each had their own #Nintendoswitch. You all could link up (wirelessly) and go online and play a multiplayer against other players around the world in a game like #splatoon. Like I said earlier…this is pretty cool!

Multiplayer on the #switch

Problems    The only two drawbacks that I’ve noticed so far were the size of the “side controllers” and the fact that the system uses cartridges like the #Nintendo3ds. 

   1. When the controllers are connected to the portable screen or to the home controller would be fine with me because I have large hands. But me trying to play with a single side controllers which looked like the classic #nintendo controller size may be a little awkward. And I suspect some other people will have the same problem.

Joy-con controllers

   2. They’re using the little cartridges like the ones from #3ds This is sorta weird to me because trying to keep up with those little things can be a hassle. I have a #3ds and I have 2 cartridge games and the rest are downloaded to the system because ingot tired of having to look for them when I wanted to play something else. Having to switch out games is becoming a thing of the past. (LOL sad but true)

Game Cartridges

  And another thing that ran across my mind is how is the memory gonna be. Are we gonna have to buy a overpriced #sd card or is it internal.🤔🤔🤔


   Just like in the past #nintendo has let me down when it came to games. Yes I love #Mario but I dont wanna play every sport as #mario ie… golf, tennis, soccer, and so on. Yes I like # Zelda but that won’t hold me over for months at a time. 

  Now #nintendo really needs to “put their foot down” and bring on the 3rd party games. I can only imagine how much money they missed out on because us hardcore gamers didn’t like their games. Now it’s true that #nintendo is a “family orientated” console but if they wanna survive in this gaming market they’ve gotta get some hardcore gamers on their side. And to do that they gotta get some darker and grittier games on their system and let the parents decide if they want their children to play those types of games or not. (Sad but true). I saw a list of the 3rd party companies that are suppose to be coming out with games and that’s when I really got excited.

Supporting 3rd party companies.


     Overall I’m actually excited about the #nintendoSwitch. I’m excited about being abel to play my games while on the go instead of having to use a tablet or my cell phone. And im also excited about meeting up with friends and we are all playing online in the living room.  Thats something we havnt done in a long time.It looks promising and that’s something I haven’t said about #nintendo since the #N64 was coming out🙄

Thank you if you’ve made it to this paragraph. I hope you have a blessed day. Please don’t forget to leave your comments below and as always feel free to share this blog on social media.


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