Lessons from a child



Fresh hair cut selfie

What’s going on everybody, its me again and I have another epifany  I wanna share with you guys. And this time it’s about this little ball of energy in the picture up above. 

A few days ago I was in my office. Now this isn’t really an office it’s my videogame room. And this is my second favorite place in the whole house, besides the kitchen. This room is full of my most expensive electronic toys. My #computer, my #xboxone our wireless routers. Soon I’ve have my #ps4 and mini  #Nintendo. And me and my son were playing with race cars in this room that I designated just for me and my wife. And here are just a few thoughts that rushed through my head.

1.) He’s in my room playing. (My son has his own dedicated room to play with his toys)

 2.) We’ve been at this for at least an hour. (I’ve never played with race cars. I liked action figures)

3.) I wasn’t upset or mad at all. ( I don’t like when my rules get broken in my house)

I’ve changed! And it’s all because of him. He’s made me break at least 80% of  the rules that I made for myself when I was younger and ready to move out of my parents house. And the more I sit back and think about it the more I realize that even though I’m the parent and the provider. I work 12hrs a day, I read him stories at night, I fed him and changed his diapers when he was a baby and he’s running the show.  And four years later I finally realized  he raising  me!

Below are just a few ways he’s helped me become the person the I am today.

He’s taught me patience

     For 30 years I’ve only been patient for certain things. And a disobedient child was on the very bottom of that list. But raising him I’ve had no choice but become patient. When I’m trying to do something for him but he insist on doing it himself is just one of those things that I had to step back and let him do. Like when it’s bed time and he wants to read his favorite book.  Even though I can do it faster and better than he can I just wait and watch patiently while he struggles with it but eventually gets it. And we celebrate with a high five lol.

His favorite nighttime book :Cars in color

He’s taught me the importance of planning

2months old

Since the announcement was made that he was coming into this world I’ve never planned so much in my entire life. I’ve seen tons of people who didn’t plan for their child and to me it just didn’t seem right. And I just didn’t want to go through that with my son. And since our son wasn’t planned (he was a surprise) we were determined to give him a decent future. A sort off outline incase he gets lost. So we planned…. and we planned……. and we planned. Everything from his haircut to what sport we want him to play when he goes to collage has been planned. And we know that most of those plans are gonna change but it just feels right to us.  Especially to me. Planning things and seeing them come together is a great feeling. 😁 

He’s taught me to be consistent 

     Ok this one was tricky. Or mabey it’s just me. When he was a baby I had to learn how to change him. 😷 Over and over and over again.  Then we wanted him to start talking and crawling. So each day I came home we’d spend time talking “baby talk” and crawling around on the floor hoping that he’d copy us. Over and over and over again  And then one day he started pushing himself backwards. It wasn’t crawling but it was progress. Then a few weeks later he was completely crawling.😃 And on his first Christmas he said the words “da da”. That was truly one of my most favorite holidays ever. Because we worked on that one for the longest. So then It was time to teach him to walk. Like any baby he would hold on to something and walk but we wanted him to walk by himself. So we worked on it….over…and over….and over.  Then just a few days before his 1st birthday he started walking. Talk about some proud parents. And just a few short months later he was running and jumping all over the house. Then it came time to use the potty.  Oh my goodness we thought that would never end. The first thing we got him was a kid potty to put in the bathroom but he refused to use it. While I was at work my wife worked with him a lot on this issue. Then she said her father told her to just sit him on the grown up potty. And she did and guess what happened? He went potty.  I could go on and on with this subject but I dont wanna loose your attention while I got it. LOL

He Taught Me To Control My Anger

Heres Another one that was kina hard for me. Now as I said before I dont like when the rules in my house are broken. And with him being a child he really didnt know the “rules”. So naturally hes gonna do things hes not suppose to. Im saying all this now because at the time these thoughts never came to my head. When he did something wrong I’d raise my voice at him. And that usually got him to stop or calm down. But one time he kept doing something and his mom kept telling him to stop so I jumped in. And I really didn’t mean to yell as loud as I did but man I yelled. And the look on his face just tore me to pieces. So after putting him to bed that night my wife and I had a talk about it and she reminded me that he was acting like a child should. And that night after praying about it really hard, I told myself I would learn to control my anger towards him and whenever he’s around me and I’m getting upset at someone or something else. Now I still disipline him to this day, but I dont get angry at him for doing what someone his age does.

He Taught Me To Release My Inner Child

Random selfie (mean mugging)

   Being a parent made me wanna get glasses instead of wear contacts, and so I did. Being a father made me wanna grow a beard because my dad had one, and so I did. But seeing how carefree my son runs around the house in his underwear all the time and playing with his toys makes me wanna be a child again. He has two toy boxes full of toys. He gets to take one and just dump it out in the middle of the floor and play with it all day. He has a “kids” #kindle that he plays his games on, while the living room television is playing his favorite movie and he’s not even paying attention to it. The joy in his eyes he has when everything is going his way is truly a sight to see. He can run from the laundry room to the living room  all day just humming and jumping its really incredible how he’s just full of energy. I love laying in the floor playing race cars with him, I’ve also found myself liking quite a few of his animated movies. #Cars, #Home, and #Zootopia. I’ve even caught myself walking around the house just talking loud for no reason at all. And the best feeling in the world is walking around the house in my boxers and a t-shirt. so yea….im learning to be a child all over again. And its pretty fun. LOL

Random bathroom selfie



Thank you if made it to this paragraph of my blog. I hope you have a blessed day! Plz feel free to leave me a comment and don’t ever hesitate to share this #blog. 


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