Is That All?

My cousin can’t be fooled by #apple 😃


Whats going on everybody, Its me D2dalo again and this time I wanna talk to you guys about something that completely boggles my mind. Its when these big name companies release a product that only about 20% of an upgrade from the last big piece of hardware they released and they still have the nerve to charge full price for it! We all have a piece of technology that we bought last year and we give it all our love and attention, and the company has released or are gonna release the sucessor to that product and its not gonna be a big step from the product that we already have. I’ll give you all a minute to think about what yours is…

The Product


In this case though im talking about none other than the #iphone7. Now i’m not an #apple “hater”, and no, #samsung, #google, #android or any of the other mobile companies, aren’t paying me to write this blog. It’s just that I belive that if these big name companies are gonna charge consumers $700- $900 for “next generation” technology then we should be getting “next generation” items. Not “last generation” items with minor tweeks and upgrades. I dont know about you all but i’m getting tired of paying all this hard earned money just so I can stay current with technology. If you read my blog “Goodbye windows, Hello Android”, then you’ll see where i’m coming from. And I kept that piece of crap wayyy longer than I should have. Im still kicking myself. But anyway lets get into it shall we. #Apple held an event some days ago and everybody was talking like they were gonna release a cure that could save the world. The way people were getting hype for this event was seriously disturbing. I didnt watch it the day of but I caught it on #youtube and I didn’t finish the entire video because I was very dissapointed. And alot of #yotube videos that were created that very night shared my exact feelings. Lets discuss a few of the things #apple did shall we.

The Headphone Jack

Headphone jack is gone

As we all know by now the #iphone7 has no headphone jack. And one of the first things that cmae to my mind when I saw that was “what the hek…”. I’ve read that this was a “bold move” from #apple, but in my opinion this was a “lets see if we can get people to buy our new air-pods move”. So now people who get the new iphone cant even listen to their downloaded music in the car anymore. Because if you havn’t noticed, cd’s are going out of style. Then I saw that they would be shipping a headphone jack dongle so you could plug in your wired headphones. And when I saw that I thought “well how the hek are they gonna charge their phones while listening to music?” And by this time I was actually laughing at them. SO thats a huge FAIL in my opinion. If I was an #iphone user i’d want to listen to my music in the car while I charge my phone.

The Air-Pods


And that leads me to these things. Oh my god! Those were the first three words that fell out of my mouth when I saw those things. They looked like a half of a q-tip hanging out of your ear. And if you are someone with a “small” sized head then I can gaurentee you some of your friends are gonna make jokes about you. I cant rember what all they said about them because I was too busy laughing. So I had to read a few articles the next day to understand them. So they’re #bluetooth obviously, and when you move them close to the phone thay auto connect. You can use only one if you want to use them like an earpiece.Then I heard the price of them and I completly blew my lid. So you mean to tell me that they’re charging $160 for some #bluetooth headphones. Thats NOT “next gen” technology thats “current gen”. And the bad part is that you can very easily loose one of these things and BOOM, $80 gone just like that. And I thought that they would be shipped with the phone but NOPE! These are seperate. Before I end this subject I have a few questions.

1) Is that the best design they could come up with? Because the design is just not good…like…at all.

2) Do any other #bluetooth headphones auto connect? Because you guys know that people already have #bluetooth headphones and they’re not gonna wanna spend $160 just so the phone could auto connect them.

3) Why didnt they ship with the phone? Because this was 45% of the “bold” move that you guys did and y’all didn’t even include them in the packaging! So once again that’s a FAIL in my book.

Dual speakers

Really!?!? #apple used this as a selling point for their “futuristic” product. That’s a “new” feature? #HTC was doing that a few years ago. And they aren’t the only ones. So why is this even part of their presentation? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they didn’t make a new phone they just tweaked the one they already had! And if you wanna talk dual speakers, who do you know walls around with their phones playing loud in public anyway? Besides older people that are to cheap to buy headphones. So in my opinion dual speakers should never have been in the presentation. That’s also a FAIL to me.


Once again. Really! It only took them two to three years to realize that people’s phones might get wetso they should mange it waterproof. It’s not “futuristic” it’s just a FAIL to me.

The Haptic home button

So instead of an old school button they put in a pressure sensitive button🤔. Let’s think about that for a second… there was no use for it, it does the same thing a regular button would do and they had to remove the audio jack just so they could install it. Yup it’s a FAIL to me.

The Display

It’s still not a Quad HD so I don’t see the reason that they even thought about mentioning this. When every other phone maker is doing or headed towards Quad HD but they aren’t🤔 why would anybody call this phone the phone of the future?? FAIL!

The Processing Power

Now this is where the #iPhone really shines in my opinion. The iPhone had always been impressive when it came to processing power and I’m glad that gets an upgrade in the new phone. But i read that they said that the new iPhone is capable of “console level” gaming😲. I don’t think that it can and if it could they why would they waste all their technology on a recycled phone instead of releasing a game console😞?? But they upgraded it so I can’t give them much trouble about that. PASS!

The Dual Camera.

Two cameras

The regular iphone7 still sports the rear 12mp camera which is a great camera so that’s not impressive. And the 7+ has two of them. I didn’t see how this is new tech but now you can zoom in closer on photos and get that “perfect” shot. But it’s still just a point -n- shoot camera. I didn’t think photographers are gonna their away thousands of dollars in equipment and just carry around an # iphone7. So why are they offering something ttys sta not necessary?? Sure your photos will look great on Facebook but I still fail to see how this is futuristic! They just put an extra camera on back and it is an upgrade! So….PASS!

The New Jet Black Color

Do I have to be the one to tell people that this is NOT a “new” color< or should I let the figure it out for themselves? Once again #apple showcased this feature because its not an upgrade its just something shiny to take their customers attention off the fact that the are buying the same phone over again. Almost every other phone comes in the glossy black color. And just in case your shiny new phone was soooo coo check out the fine print apple released about it. Soooooooo….FAIL!

Final Verdict

As you can tell from my opinions above I think that the new phone is a carbon copy of the last phone with minor tweaks. And the coolest part about the phone (Air-Pods) you still have to pay for. #Apple should have just updated the software for the iphone6 and just waited until they actually invented something new next year. They really should be a shamed of what they did. But…the new phone sold out within hours of them showcaseing it. I just get tired of big name companies doing this to us consumers and completely getting away with it. Oh well…they aren’t getting any of my money. To be honest, if I had the iphone6 I’d wait till next year to upgrade.

Thank you for reading my blog. feel free to leave a comment stating your opinion weather you agree or disagree with me. And once again this is, has always been, and will forever be MY opinion.

These are just some hilarious memes I found😂

This one killed me😂💀
Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this😅

6 thoughts on “Is That All?

  1. Not a hater? Lol, kidding. I haven’t decided to get the new one. I upgrade every 2 years because I work for an app developer. And, well honestly it gets really old messaging my boss asking, “how does the work on your phone?”
    I get a tiny pit of it back on taxes since it’s for work. But this year I kinda want an apple⌚️ watch. Because we are developing or complication for that. In the end my mom needs a better phone and I can give her this one. Because I am used to apple phones. No idea what is going on on her android.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s waterproof. Huge deal. Plus it’s own gps chip. But alas, after the crap tasting trip home from vacation, and the upcoming trips I am not sure that I have enough cash left for that and a mac book pro.

        Liked by 1 person

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