I’m not a casual-er.

What’s going on everybody, it’s me again. And I have some… news. I just wanted to let you guys know that,  I…..D2DALO…… play…… #PokemonGo😔. It’s almost embarrassing and sad at the same time to admit but if you’ve read a blog that I posted earlier titled “My gaming partner”, you’d know that I’ve been gaming since I was in elementary school,which is about 20 something odd years ago.  So no, I’m not one of these “new age casual” gamers that only play what everybody else is playing. I’m a hardcore, grind all night till the sun comes up, and sleep walk the next day at work type of players. And then brag about it to my co-workers with bloodshot eyes while chugging a #redbull energy drink every couple of hours.  But to admit that I play…..  #pokemon is pretty serious to me.

Not that I think I’m some sorta videogame god or anything like that, it’s just that I don’t like to be put in the same category with the new age casual gamers because they’re just getting started and I’ve been putting in work. I’ve played the first part or original versions of the games that they play today.

(Examples) I played the original #Callofduty, #Mario, #MortalKombat, #GrandTheftAuto, Pokemon, #Zelda, #MegaMan, #Tecmobowl, #Ninjagaiden, #Killerinstinct, and even #PacMan. So pretty much any game that’s “remade” today, I’ve probably played the original.

They can’t keep me

Take #minecraft for example. It’s a cool game but it has no point! And don’t you dare say that “surviving” is the point because if so then they should tell me how long I need to survive, why, and what am I surviving for! But there’s no goal in the end game and therefore I got very bored very fast. On the other hand my younger nephew can play for weeks at a time.  (I just read a review that #Nomanssky did the same thing lol)

Ok now take #MortalKombat pt.1 (the this old days) There were two goals in that game. 1 was to be able to defeat the computer, which was hard… as…hek!  And 2 was to be so great that you could make anybody who picked up the second controller wish they never did. (Maybe those were just my goals) but either way it kept my attention longer than a day, a week, even a few months. Until part two released😃! And don’t talk to me about it being to violent because kids today are subjected to more violence than I ever was as a kid, and I’ve never killed anyone!

 Seems like they just want my money

Another type of game that has appealed to the “casual” gamer today are #mobile games. And 70-80 percent of mobile games are free to play but the thing is that you eventually run out of something you need like in game gold. But you really wanna get that special weapon so you’ll be abel to beat that boss (#DungeonHunter5) or you need a special type of energy to continue playing (#CandyCrush). Now there are two ways to get what you want. 1 you can stop playing and wait until your special energy builds back up and then keep playing, or 2 you can open up you bank account. And with todays gamers they seem to be doing the latter. Thats cool with me, its just that I dont do it because it seems like the easy way to get something. And I feel better when I grind and work to get something rather than just pulling out my debit card. It just doesnt give me the same satisfaction. And yes there have been some few games that have done it in the past. That doesnt mean that its right and they didnt get any of my money. The only kind of game that “‘ve ever payed for continuely is a “subscription based” game. This is where you could buy a game and pay a very small fee each month. But thats because they kept adding more and more gameplay and features to it. (#WorlfOfWarcraft) And that stopped real quick when they wanted me to pay full price for an expansion ($50) and still pay the monthly fee ($30). But it didnt stop everybody from playing because they still have millions of people playing that game. So I know they are raking in millions of dollars every month just not from me! And the one company that truly makes my skin crawl is #EASports. They were so greedy that they bought the entire #NFL license so that no other company could make a #NFL football game (greedy bastards!) and in my opinion #Madden sucks!

Everybody Aint The Same

And no Im not saying that all companies today are like that. Infact one of my favorite videogame companies today  still stick to the principle that I love. and thats #Bethesda. They make truly awesome, one of a kind games and you dont have to pull out your debit card to get a special weapon and you dont pay for the game every month.(#Fallout4 #Skyrim, #Dishonored #TheEvilWithin) But now they do do something called #DLC (downloadable content). But its never the full price of the original game and it always worth it because they add soooo much more content just for a small fee. And I know for a fack that they arn’t the only company thats like that, they’re just the first company that came to my mind. Companies like #BANDAINAMCO, and #CDProjekt, are some other companies that follow that model as well.

Im Not The Same But…

I like games where I can get my money’s worth. I like games that can take my mind to  another level while playing. I like games where I have to grind and grind again and again just to get that special weapon. And that way when I meet someone online or someone sits down beside me on the couch whos played and hadnt got it yet, they will be amazed and give me praise for doing it. And in todays gaming society those types of games are almost extinct. (I say as im looking at the big name titles coming out soon for #xboxone)

But I did download #PokemonGo only because I’ve played the color off that game on the #Nintendo gameboy, gameboy advance, and 3ds. I still have my #3ds but rarely play it because I had to carry that and my cell phone around and I hate carrying lots of things. But now that its on my cell phone and I I can take a brisk walk while playing it, it just seemed to make sense. Although I will not be paying for any special items. And yes I know that if I  run out of poke balls I’ll have to pay real money for more if i’m not near a gym but I dont live completely in the woods (like I’d like) so I shouldnt have any trouble finding one. So yea I’ll be playing a casual game for the time being, but DON’T call me a casual-er. lol. 

 This little sucker was watching me type this #blog


Thank you for reading this blog. As always your feedback is welcomed. I will update this blog in the future to let you guys know if i still play or if its was truly just a waste of time. So plz check back soon or better yet you can follow me on #twitter to see when I update it.

#EASports = greedy bastards!

Mannnnn so far it’s been pretty kool. Within the first week  me and my wife ran outta #pokeballs. So that night around 11pm at night we took a special trip to the nearest #pokestop to get some extra supplies. And the funniest thing is that while we were there for a quick second,  a police officer pulls up and asked is everything ok. And when I told her what we were doing she just responded with ” nice!.. y’all be careful tonight” and she pulled off.  Needless to say that when I told my family they responded with “y’all are crazy!”

     Another thing is that none of my co workers play because they think is too childish, but they play #candycrush, #farmheros and #bubblewitch.😲 My job is full of “small minded” people that are to old to be thinking like they do😒. That’s all imma say about them.  But they don’t play so any rare #pokemon are all mine😆

Also I finally got a egg. And now I realize why people are in shape. Just for the egg to hatch I have to do a 5k. But that’s a good thing. I’m really enjoying the game so far,  and I just read that they are coming out with a “wearable” stop that people can play without a screen😀 and they are gonna add a patch to do a “buddy” system.  So now #pokemon players will be able to have online friends and trade items.😃😃😃😃


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