It’s soooo….. shiny

What’s going on everybody? It’s D2dalo again. And this time I wanna share my thoughts with you guys about my new favorite toy of the month and mabey even for the rest of the year. Im talking about my #Samsung # GalaxyNote7



Now this isnt a review about the phone, because if you want a review then just go to #youtube and watch the million reviews on it. No this is more of  me telling you guys what are my favorite things about the phone. Afterall I’ve had it for over 72 hours and I pretty much know it inside and out, and that makes me kind of a professional….right?

The Color 

Now when my wife and I went to the store to pick out our phones I was originally gonna get the black one. After all black is one of my favorite colors, and most of my other electronics are black. My wife was presistent about getting the Coral blue, and when she told me for the 5th or 6th time I thought to myself….(why dont you step outside the lines and try something new also) And that led me to pick out the silver one. And when I pulled it out of the box it was sooo…shiney! With no fingerprints or anything on it, it was the perfect phone for about 5 seconds until I touched it and saw fingerprints on it.

The S pen

Mannnn the S pen just might be my most favorite part about the phone. With the S-Pen I can create GIF’s, Translate any foreign word into english form, scroll up and down the screen, and preview any pics without clicking on them. Also I can write on the screen, which means, I can edit/draw on any pic, write quick notes without turning on the phone, use scroll txt more accurately and look cool while doing it. (That last part was a given) 

You know you’re addicted to your s-pen  when you pull it out to write on an actual sheet of paper😂

The Irises Scanner

The irises scanner is the futureristic part of the phone…in my opinion. First of all your irises are your eyes. Therefore if you set it up the #note7 can scan your eyes to unlock your phone. This is amazing when it comes to security because nobody has your eyes, therefore nobody else can unlock your phone. One of the best security devices ever. Now the phone can still be locked with a password, a drawing pattern, and even a fingerprint scanner, but why would you do any of that when all you got to do is look at it and it unlocks. who I ask you who?? Senerio: Lets say its cold outside and you and your best friend are texting your spouse. They have an iphone6 and you have the note7, and you both have on gloves. Then both of yalls phones recieve a text. So you pull out the note7, look at it and it unlocks. Meanwhile they are beside you trying to unlock their phone with a password but with gloves on the phone isnt responding. so they have to take a glove off, unlock it and then resopond. And by now you’ve sent a txt without loosing any warmth from your body.

The Secure Folder

The secure folder is like a second firewall to protect all your valueable info. Because the secure folder is a folder that can only be opened up by using the irises scanner. So that eans you can put anything in the folder and you will be the only one to see it. Example: lets ay you went out to the club with your friends and you were looking good so naturally you were taking selfies but you didnt want anyone else to see them. All you would have to do is move all the “secret” pics to the secure folder and no one would be able to see them. And then just to add a third firewall of security you can litteraly hide the secure folder so it disappears off the screen. That…….is……awesome!!!!!

The Glass body

Unfortiunately no phone is perfect. The #note7 has a body thats completely made of glass. So that means that its super slippery. Especially if you have sweaty hands. So that means that you will NEED a protective case. And these things arn’t cheap. I went with the #Bodyguardz case because it was clear, that way the color wouldn’t covered up on my phone, and it wasn’t to bulky so I could put it in my pocket with no problem. It was only $40.00 so no big deal there.

My Conclusion

My conclusion is that I give this phone 9 1/2 out of 10 stars and thats only beacuse it seems like #samsung made it outta glass because they know that you would need to buy a case or drop it and crack it. And the phone isn’t cheap. And those arn’t all the special features that the phone can do, those are just some of my favorites. Others would include a brilliant beautiful HD screen, a juicy  3500 mAh battery, dual screen ability, crystal clear speakers, a selfie camera that makes anything look great, and so on and so forth.  But like I said if you absolutely wanna see EVERYTHING that the phone can do just jump on #youtube and see for your self.



Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave me a comment and don’t forget to check out my other blogs.


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