My Epiphany 

   Whats going on yall, it’s D2dalo again and I wanna tell you guys about an epifany  I had a few days ago. And I came to this realization the other day while I was driving home from work. (Tried my best to hide it outta the title Lol)

  So I’m driving home from work, and all of a sudden the subject of my favorite desert comes to my mind. (That’s right, it’s another food blog…. And yes I was thinking about desert while driving lol). So naturally my mind goes to cake. Cake is one of the best things in the world.  I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like. Then I kept thinking about it. And when I continue thinking about something it means it’s not true in my mind, it’s just what I wanna think. So I kept digging. And all of a sudden it hit me. Out of all the desserts I’ve had in my life (apple pie,  back cheery pie, pecan pie, cookies,  brownies, all kinds of different cake) there’s one that I truly love…. PEACH COBBLER! Man it was like… wow… I love peach cobbler more than I love cake. And if you told my wife that she’d never believe you.. not in a million years. 

The smell

The smell of #peachcobbler is like… like.. well what’s your favorite smell? Take that, wrap it up in the scent of a freshly bathed baby, dip it in the scent of freshly picked flowers, multiply it by ten and that’s what it’s like to me. It smells delicious! And those cheap grocery store candles do Not smell like the real thing. 

The look

Peach cobbler actually looks good to me also. I know it sounds weird but it honestly does. Well..i should say my wife’s peach cobbler looks good to me. But I don’t wanna sound like I’m just bragging on her. To me when peach cobbler first comes outta the oven it looks sooooo… delicate and sensitive. Like it knows I wanna dig in it immediately. It looks like a nice pan filled with brown and tan wonderfulness.

The wait 

The worst part about peach cobbler  (for me at least) is the time in between my wife telling me “dinner is ready” and actually eating it. I don’t eat super fast but when I have peach cobbler waiting on me, I tend to eat pretty fast. Let’s just say that waiting is the worst.

The first taste 

Oh my goodness, the first taste is more satisfying than getting my most wanted gift at Christmas.

The last  bite 

It’s the worst.  It’s like getting that gift that you’ve wanted on Christmas only to have one of you family members tear it up before the day is over with. And my wife won’t give me a second helping so I try not to reach that point. But eventually…….i do😭

My Conclusion 

My conclusion is that..i love peach cobbler. It’s the absolute best desert on the planet.  As I finish this, I’m just getting done with my bowl of peach cobbler and looking down at my bowl and wanting to cry.(Lol)

“I never met a cake I didn’t like”




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