Case Files 003: Inside Job



6:45a.m. I get a  wake up call from my partner saying that she just recieved a phone call from a family member, saying that her mom died and that she needed to take some time off. I guess with all the killings going on around you when you’re a cop, you kinda forget that you have a personal life. Thats why I keep a post it on my front door so that as I’m walking out I see a note that says “call your mom”. But anyway, I tell her sure,  and be careful and I can kill a couple of bad guys by myself. She laughed, I laughed, and then she hung up. Im  on the third floor of an apartment building in the worst part of town. I usually sleep with the window cracked open cause the cool breeze feels good at night. So as I’m getting ready to go I hear this woman scream to the top of her lungs just outside of my window. So I run to the window and shes walking backwards slowly, backing herself into a corner. I try to look for someone in front of her but I dont see a thing. And again she screamed and screamed to the top of her lungs, and by now her backs against the wall and I’m out on my ledge looking for someone in front of her but I see nothing. So without saying anything I slowly creep down the stairs with my gun in hand, but I see nobody… but the chick is still screaming her eyeballs out sitting in the fetus position on the ground. So I walk over to her to calm her down but shes still screaming! So after about 30 to 45 minutes of me acting like a parent to a grown woman, she calms down and I finally get to hear why shes screaming like a maniac.

I help her to her feet, and walk her to my car in the front of the building.  While putting her in my car I tell her to wait there until I can go back up to my apartment and lock up. She agrees to but something in her eyes said she wouldnt. Not saying I didnt trust her but not one time did she look me in my eyes, not even when I was coddeling her in the alley. So I jog back up to my apartment grab my keys and my wallet and shoot back down stairs. As soon as get there I see a crowd of people around my car. So I push some of them aside and see her sitting my car, doors locked, and she was continuesly banging her head on the dashboard. And not just lightly doing it, nooooo…she was drawing her head back as far as she could and slaming into the dashboard with so much force that the entire car was vibrating. And my car’s a 85′ firebird, so it looked pretty painful. So I yanked the door open, grabbed her out, picked her up and sat her on the curve. When I got her calmed down..she was shaking like a leaf on a tree. Her forehead was busted completely open with blood running down her face, and all over my shirt. After I called for an ambulance I tried to get some information out of her but it was useless, she was still shaking like a wet puppy and stuttering something serious. I couldnt drive my car because of all the blood on the dash so I hitched a ride to the hospital with her. Little did I know….that that would be the first day to one of the wildest weeks of my life.

Couple days later I go and visit her in the hospital, and she seems pretty normal. i couldnt stay for long so I just asked her some general questions like her name, where she was from…etc, etc.  But she couldnt answer none of them. She had no ID when she as admitted, and the hospital staff never got in touch with any of her family members. They said they tried but nobody called back. So after a few questions that got me nowhere I left her so she could get some rest. It was only on the second floor so I took the staris. And just as I was exiting the building one last question came to my mind. So I go back up the stairs to her room, open the door and was shocked…to see her sitting indian style on the floor against the wall banging the back of her head against the wall. An once again it wasnt pretty. So I grabbed her up and yelled for a nurse. This time when she was in my arms she was fighting to get away from me. And to be a tiny lady she was strong. So the nurses and I..yea thats right…two nurses… finally got her into bed and even still she wouldn’t calm down. One of the nurses tried to hold her legs down and the tiny lady kneed her dead in the face, knocked her out cold…lol it was kinda hilarious. So we got her calmed down after about 15 minutes,  and right before she passed out, with the saddest look on her face and tears rolling down her eyes she looked up at me and said “make it stop…..make her leave!'”



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