Taco Bell (Critique)

What’s going on everybody, its D2dalo here and Im gonna be doing my first #food critique. And since I love #tacos why not start off with them. So please remember this is my opinion and my opinion only. Your experience may be different.

So I was at work and my lunch break was coming up. And the wife didn’t pack me a lunch like she normally does. So since last night was #tacotuesday and I was still craving #tacos, I figured I’d go to taco bell to cap off my craving until next tuesday. cause every tuesday night in my house is #tacotuesday.

The drive Through: Good

12:45pm. I headed out. When I turned into the parking lot of taco bell there were a few cars, which led me to believe that this was a very fast fast food serving place or the food wasn’t that great. And to my suprise there was nobody in the drive thru lane. But since I only had 45minutes for my lunch break, that turned out to be a good thing. So I pull into an empty drive thru, and I look at the menu for about 10 seconds before I saw the “cravers box” for $5. And right then my mind was made up. And the lady working the drive thru greeted me first and she took my order second. That really stuck out to me. It made me feel like she wanted to help me instead of just take my money.

The Exchange:Good

I pull up to the window and she greets me again with “hi how are you doing?”, and again she makes me feel welcomed. Which is a good thing. So she tells me the price and I hand her my card. Before she swipes my card she hands me my drink and straw, which is a plus with me because I ordered a Mt Dew and I looked so good on the menu and before she was finished with my card I was sipping on it. Now I hate when some drive thru workers hand me everything all at the same time, (my card, the soda, and the food) But she handed me my card, waited a few seconds so I could put it back in my wallet, then she handed me the food. And again it’s a bonus with me. Then she tells me to have a good day and I drive off.

The Food

So I get back to work and and sit down to eat my food. Then looking at the bag made me remember that the menu said “box”…but I had a bag which was not a big deal to me, cause it was actually easier to carry in. And this is the order of the way I ate my food.

     The Cheesy Gordita crunch: Good

     The cheesy #gordita was actually pretty good. It wasn’t to small or to big of a taco. It wasn’t over cooked or undercooked (I’ve had one before) And the cheese sauce was amazing. The soft shell was warm and fluffy, which made the crunch of the hard shell satisfying with every bite. I made sure I heard a crunch every time I took a bite lol. As I was eating it, some of the beef and tangy sauce was falling out of the other side and was making me a little upset. Because that meant that I’d have to get up, get a spoon and eat it like that. But i did and I didn’t mind because it was warm and delicious.

     The beef and bean burrito: Decent

I’ve never been a fan of the beef and bean burrito and it reminded me why when I took the first bite. First of all the size of the burrito was good, and it was packed with food which was great. But the problem I had was that the beans didn’t look like beans, they looked like they were just grinded up into a thick paste. And I like sour cream only when it doesn’t taste like sour cream. So you have this thin burrito, huge in size, packed with a ton of mashed up beans, a nice serving of beef, two to three soon fills of sour cream, soft lettuce, and cheese. 😝 nooooo thanks. It wasn’t terrible but I didn’t finish it all, because I couldn’t get past the beans and sour cream combo taste in my mouth.

     The Taco : Great

Ok here we go.Now we get to the “big dog” of the meal. The first thing I knoticed about the #beef #taco was that it actually look good. I know that sounds funny but I’ve seen plenty tacos from taco bell that didnt look good, especially some of the quesidillas. But the taco looked good. So my first bite and I realized that it tasted just like it looked. The shell was crunchy, the beef wasn’t over flavored, the cheese was warm, and the lettuce wasn’t soggy. I was really suprised because the last time I ate from a taco bell,  the taco tasted like they made it first, then they put the whole thing in the microwave. But this taco was pretty good. It only took me three or four bites and I was done with it, and that made me kinda sad. But I enjoyed each and every one of them.

     The Tortilla and Cheese Dip: Decent

When I pulled the cheese dip out of the bag I was kinda confused beacuse it was at the top but the tortilla chips were on the bottom. I even dipped my taco in the dip because I just love dipping my food. (wierd i know) But then I remembered that the picture on the menu said that the meal would come with cinnamon twist. And I’ve had these befors and They wern’t awesome but they were good. So that got me to thinking why do I have chips and dip! I guess they ran out of cinnamon twist. Oh well its not a major strike against them. The chips and dip were ok, they both tasted generic, and neither impressed or offended me.

     Overall Rating:  3 out of 5 tacos 

Overall my taco bell expierence was good. only a few hiccups but they wernt major hiccups at all. The cashier was friendly and made me feel the same way, I spent less than 5 minutes in the drive thru,the food tasted good and my appetite for a good taco was satisfied. And considering the fact that I only had 45minutes to travel to and from the restaurant and eat it while taking notes about it. (looking weird in front of my co workers), I’d say the expierence was good. Not great but good. And I felt great that I got all that food for no more than seven bucks. Now thats what I call a deal.

Thank you for reading


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