My gaming partner.


What’s going everybody?  If you don’t know it by now, I’ve been playing videogames for a long time, and I’ve played with a vast amount of people. But my most favorite person to game with is my sister! That’s right fellas, its a girl. As you all can tell from the text message above we’ve been gaming together since 5th or 6th grade. We are grown as hek with kids now, but through it all she’s always been there playing with me.

In the beginning.

It all started in elementary school. We took a class field trip to a place what is now #chuckycheese, but back then it was called #showbiz. And back then it was just a medium sized room, with some arcade, and pinball machines. And maybe a coffee machine or two. But I was familiar with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the videogame, but I didn’t know that she was too. So I was chilling there eating my pizza. And when I finished I think I told the teacher that I was gonna go play the arcade machine. And I had been there before so my dad had given me a 2 $5 bills for spending money. Little did he know that the food was already paid for so my money went to this baby right here.

But anyway I digress… So when I went to the arcade machine, and I immediately stand in front of Donatello’s stick. (my favorite character) And I think she came up and asked do I wanna play. And of course I said “y!ea” But we both had dollar bills. And back then boys and girls, we had to walk to a machine and get our own change. When we got back to the machine we loaded up and started playing. She picked Leonardo and I loaded up Donny. We started out doing good. But Somewhere I started sucking and just loosing a lot of lives, and I almost ran through the first $5 within a few minutes. But thankfully she was holding us down with Leonardo. So I switched up to Ralpheal just to get my groove back. ( each turtle had a special crowd clearing special move that you could do by pressing both buttons at the same time) So I was doing pretty good with ralph, she was doing good with leo and we were actually beating the game. Then we came up against two mini bosses at the same time. Beebop and Rocksteady…… mannnn they killed us sooooo many times that I wanted to stop playing but I saw the look of determination on her face and kept at it. lol. It was funny as hek now that I think about it. The way she was jumping up and down was hilarious. So I was obviously on my second $5 bill and it was almost gone too. But we defeated them and moved on. Footsoldier after footsoldier kept coming at us and we were killing them all. There were the regular black footsoldiers who just did normal attacks. Then there the red ones  (i think) who through fire down and tried to run away, so you had to jump over the fire and karate kick them. lol It was awesome. Every now and again a whole pizza would pop up  or just a small slice would and whoever was the lowest on health had to eat it. And even then we had to decide because the game was getting progressivly harder. And then we came to the second to last mini boss Crain! It was even harder with him because he was a brain in a body. (sounds crazy i know) So we had to kill his body first, and then kill him. But the thing is, he killed me which took all my quarters, and when I said that, she said “look in my lil purse and get a dollar and go get some more quarters”. I was shocked actually, but I wanted to play so I did. And on my way back to the machine I could see her jumping up and down and mashing on the buttons. It was too too funny. So thanks to her I would be able to jump back in and help “defeat the footclan”. Then after we killed Crain, the footsoldiers were rediciously hard. So at one point she died and said “ill be right back i gotta go get change…dont loose”. So before I knew it she was back in with me. And we get to the main boss….Shredder. man oh man was he hard. He killed us soooo many times. And whenever I’d die she would say “look in my purse and get a quarter”. And I dont know how many times we died I just know it was alot, but we finally defeated him. We literaly sat there and played that entire game from begining to end….and won!  And it felt great. Talk about two kids jumping up and down and screaming like they were crazy lol. And I cant remember anything after that but the class packing up and headding back to school. Thats one of my favorite memories when it comes to videogames and she was there with me.

Then to now

And thats not hte only time she played with me. Remember, we were just kids. Over the years, when we were in highschool she would visit me or i would visit her and play Soul Caliber on Playstation.  Thats why I had it because I played it at her house and liked it.Even when she got her first job in highschool, which was at Hardees…lol…She got off work one saturday night and on her way home she stopped by and played a game or two with me. And all through highschool we spent countless hours playing MLB Slugfest. I wish that game was still around. Then When she graduated highschool she moved to Florida (and she became roomates with my wife, who also plays games with me). And even though we were in diffrent places we played the Sims Urbz. which sucked but she liked it so I played it. We would call eachother at least once a week and talk about it. Also When she moved to florida to go to school she invited me a few weekends. And even though she had to work she still played a few games of NBA Street with me on PS2. And then we started playing online and one of the first games we played the hell out of was Left 4  Dead on Xbox360. I dont even wanna think about how many hours we poured into Guitar hero either. Then there was that brief while where we played alot of Dead Island on PS3. And then came along a little game called Destiny. For at least 5 months we played that game non-stop. every night for atleast 2 hours straight. And in between all these hours of videogames we’ve played, we’ve gotten married and we both have kids. Well…she has kids, I just have one child. But its just so funny how shes played a significant role in my life. And those arent all the games we’ve played those are just some of the big name titles that I can remember.. but shes been right there with me through it all.

And I just want to tell her thank you for all the wonderful memories!




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