Welcome to the most inner parts of my mind! My stories! Some of the things you read will be dark and gritty. Actually…A lot of them.  And some things will be full of grace and beauty.

A lot of my short stories tend to have some sort of hero in them. One character that truly sticks out among the rest of them I guess its because I try to put a little of myself in ALL my stories. Even though I’d never dream of getting myself into any of the situations that my characters get themselves in to, I still try to make them do the right thing.

And lately most of my heros have been female. I guess its because I love to see a strong woman who can stand her ground and defend herself. Yea she may get pushed around and pounded on. But she always wins the battle.

I’m African American and a small percentage of my male characters are to. But a large percent of my female heros are mixed races. Dint get me wrong, I think African American women are some of the most beautiful creatures to walk the earth. But other races have beautiful races also. And so I like to mix them up.

Also my stories are mainly for 18yrs and older crowd, but I have a 4yr old son so every now and again ill have a childrens story pop up. Needless to say I try to tap into a part of my mind that would keep him entertained. After all he will be reading this one day and he may just wanna continue what i started.